Fantasy Foretelling

A prediction, prophecy or reading of the omens for a character

tools for - fantasy spooky adventurers

When you took your first steps, a cursed statue announced that when a fallen warlord fell, you would gain the favour of an ancient demon
When you were named, a mad nomad dreamt that when a demonic princess slew the a respected queen, you would find great wealth
When you spoke your first word, a blind oracle read omens that when the pink leader was victorious, you would gain the favour of a great archmage
When a sibling was born, a respected hermit announced that when your heart was first broken, you would be hunted by the emerald captain
When you were lost as a child, a mad spirit dreamt that when the dog spurned you, you would find your death
During an eclipse of the sun, a feared family member warned that when a slumbering warlord awoke, you would find a hidden strength
During a storm, a feared beggar foretold that when the rabbit spurned you, you would break a powerful curse
When your family was cursed, a possessed boar read omens that when the bull spurned you, you would lose a loved one
Before you were born, an outcast statue proclaimed that when a holy witch was victorious, you would be filled with a great anger
When your family was cursed, an ancient statue divined that when the green witch slew the bat, you would be hunted by an insecure giant