Fantasy Rumours and Plot Hooks

Bits of information of dubious quality from taverns, travelers and other sources.


Several werewolves say they have seen a large winged creature at the overgrown waterfall recently
A secret society is in a struggle with the Fellowship of Smiths. So they say
A secret society wants someone to capture the young of a viper
There is a magical wedding coming up. a scheming guildmaster is attending
Several locals say they have seen glowing shapes at the strange river crossing at night. The merchants won't talk about anything else
An enchanted watermill below the city of Wyvern's Heath is a historic place. It is part of an ongoing struggle between local rulers
There is an undead cyclops at a nearby dungeon
The phantom of Tavous the scholar plagues people at a nearby landmark but nobody is sure why. The mercenaries aren't happy about it
An ambitious aristocrat was kidnapped by elves at a nearby bridge
A fortified crafthall at a nearby ford is an interesting building. It was the site of a renowned ritual