How Two Characters Met

How two characters (PCs and/or NPCs) met or know each other [fantasy] [adventurers]

One fateful night you had an emotional conversation and decided to form an adventuring group one day
You were prisoners together for a short while and smoked some herbs
When you were young one of you was the centre of a coming of age ceremony where you got into trouble with the law
When you were young you met in a temple and got into trouble with the law
A couple of years ago one of you helped at a wedding where you had a argument about sport
You grew up together as rivals in an army camp
A few years ago you met on the street and had an emotional conversation
Met at the 75th annual meeting of the local Beer Promotion Society
Last month you met on a ferry and came to blows about who was the better fighter
Long ago you met at a tavern and dressed up as animals