Notable Location

A location that is known locally or further afield, as a landmark, place of history, magical danger or otherwise noteworthy.


An exposed bridge. a fiend was bound here. It is associated with a dangerous ghost. a poem was made about this place.
The Glen of Witch is a sacred orchard. It is at a crossroads. animals congregate here. a crazy hero used it for a ritual a decade ago.
Ruins of Shellonia is a ruins.
The Green Dale is a burial ground. It has a magnificent view. It is associated with seals. a local titan is entombed here.
Ruins of Exlith is a divine meeting of two rivers. a poem was made about this place. A famous ritual happened here.
A luminous Warrens. It is in a meadow. It is used as a temple by a power of harvest. It has been ripped from another realm.
A sacred crypt. It is at the edge of a lake. It is associated with frost magic.
The Hall of Sin is a dismal ferry. It has a window to another dimension. a great fiend used it for a wedding a few years ago.
The Dwarf's Grove is a copse. It is in a field. It is cursed ground. a holy prophet is buried here.
Ruins of Downwyn is a ruins. It is associated with dangerous magic. It is touched by beast magic. a respected captain is entombed here.