Notable Location

A location that is known locally or further afield, as a landmark, place of history, magical danger or otherwise noteworthy.


Seeker Mound is a meadow. It is in a meadow. It is cursed ground. It is associated with a dangerous giant.
The Demented Mountain of Death is a fortified castle. It is touched by air magic. it is the birthplace of an evil lord.
Ruins of Prince Spire is a ruins. It is touched by beast magic. It has a magnificent view. A renowned tragedy played out here.
An eerie meadow. It is at the top of a hill. It is cursed ground. It is part of an ongoing struggle between powerful monsters.
Highrest Mill is a pretty hill. It is associated with beast magic.
Glen of Half is a warded mountain. It is at the top of a hill. a music festival happens here every equinox. It has been ripped from another dimension.
An overgrown Fane. It is visited ghosts and spirits. a historic battle was fought here - undead defeated gnomes and ghosts haunt the place.
A colorful clearing. Great magical power of fire is concentrated here.
An eerie hedge maze. swans are associated with the area.
The Astral Sanctum is a pretty bank. It is at a river crossing. It is touched by water magic. a poem was made about this place.