Notable Location

A location that is known locally or further afield, as a landmark, place of history, magical danger or otherwise noteworthy.

tools for - fantasy location


A dismal copse. It is associated with shadow magic. is said in tales that the Rift of the Resonant Smith is nearby..
The Veiled Lodge is a demonic lair. It is associated with a power of wisdom. was a place of executions.
The Mountain of the Lunar Twins is a cursed Manor. It is visited ghosts and spirits. It is touched by death magic.
A foreboding meeting of two rivers. It is in a field. It is associated with arcane magic. was where a deity was born.
Ruins of Olgasharbour is a beautiful pond. It has a portal to another plane. It is associated with a magical mage. is where a demigod was bound.
A ghostly Mines. It has a great ritual that happens once a decade. It is protected by a ghost.
An exposed ice palace. It is in a field. It is cursed ground.
An exposed castle. It is in a field. It has a magnificent view.
The Diviner's Wood is a sinister hedge maze. It is associated with nature magic. It is associated with a magical giant.
Nightmare Bastion is an exposed castle. It is associated with sharks. was for an execution by the jet guildmaster a few years ago.