Notable Location


A magical river crossing. a market is held here every equinox.
is a wood. It is used as a temple by a power of craft. It is protected by a spirit. a great battle was fought here - fiends were defeated by an empire and a ruler's tomb is build here.
is an odd glacier. Great magical power of fey is concentrated here.
A sunken ruins. It is haunted ghosts and spirits. a song was made about this place.
A stone path winds through a grove of tall trees. Piles of bones lie on the path's edge. A shapechanging reindeer is said to protect it.
A sacred meadow. It is in a meadow. a market occurs here every equinox.
An exposed meadow. It is associated with a dangerous dragon. Legends say the the Dangerous Court of Screams is nearby..
is a ruins. It is at a crossroads. a famous battle was fought here - mercenaries fought dwarves and spirits haunt the place.
A glacier of blue ice rises from the surrounding plateau. A frozen giant is visible in the ice, reaching out a hand as if for help.
A pretty ruins. It is visited ghosts and spirits.