Adventuring Group Name

Names for a group of adventurers, heroes or mercenaries. Chosen by themselves or used by others. Mix of heroic, fantastical, whimsical and some uniques

Barbena's Ice Party
Possessed Storm Servants
Mournful Crab Company
Four Wolves and a Rhino
The Guild of the Leaping Eagle
Mumed and Their Growling Guard
Furious Few
Hearty Club of the Jovial Bass
Bearers of Lock Reach Sea
Riders of the Stone Cow
Dank Cellar Crew
Forlorn Hippogriff Gathering
The Ruined Servants
The Terrible Champions
The Ruddy Wagon Horses
The Yodelling Coins
Brok and His South Troupe
The Party of the Pirate Queen
Crew of the Copper Dog
Two Dragons and an Executioner
Ruby Goose Guards
The Accord of the Five Brawlers
Fiery Towers
Chosen of the Twelve Owls
Ten Hunters and a Drake