Adventuring Group Name

Names for a group of adventurers, heroes or mercenaries. Chosen by themselves or used by others. Mix of heroic, fantastical, whimsical and some uniques

tools for - fantasy adventurers

Servants of the Forlorn Angel
The Luminous Club
The Snarling Wheel Flags
Sentries of the Dragon Scale
Shattered Tavern Venturers
Crazy Bunch
Mindartis and the Spears
Troop of the Greedy Boar
The Seekers of the Drum
Linna's Revenge
Masters of the Dungeon
The Delvers
Steadfast Sisterhood of the Four Breakers
Lodge of the Hearty Tavern
The Guardians
The Favoured Order of the Unholy Gauntlets
The Poets
Magnificent Hare Wanderers
The Cursed Hill Riders
Ugly Fountain Mercenaries
Jalana's Hearty Gathering
Aedenlana's Folly
The Venturers of the Red Sky
The Order of the Sharp Angels