Fantasy Pet

Fantasy pets and companions for characters and NPCs. Energetic cats, lazy ferrets, curious ducks and possibly elemental goats.


Bane is a happy snake. They love making a mess
Prince is an excited snake. They are healthy and vibrant and have been reanimated
Selune is a celestial raven. They can speak but only know four phrases..
Splinter is an old imp. They can play or make a tune.
Sparkle is a jackal. They have a limited form of telepathy that can convey emotions within 30 ft.
Cuddles is a hairy boar. They are healthy and vibrant and are decades old and have existing far longer than should be possible
Bane is a beautiful jaguar. They are always going missing
Dragon is a dumb sea urchin. They like to eat footwear and they followed you until you adopted them
Ruby is a perfect unique construct. They can play or make a tune. you fell in love with them in a shop
Oscar is a hairy dog. They are very needy and try to chase things