Fantasy Pet

Fantasy pets and companions for characters and NPCs. Energetic cats, lazy ferrets, curious ducks and possibly elemental goats.


Ripper is a demanding donkey. They are covered in scars and you rescued them from a laboratory or other place
Bolt is a gleaming hedgehog. They like lying in the sun
Jangle is a sprite. They have a limited form of telepathy that can convey emotions within 30 ft.
Fiend is a dog. They like to be near fire and are injured
Felix is a young rare construct. They are always getting muddy and like to hide shiny things
Nesydnem Evercarver is a dumb hawk. They like to hide in difficult to get to places
Ripper is a furry cactus. They wear a small bell or other item that makes a noise
Esior is a friendly dog. They like to hide shiny things and are very overweight
Newt is an excitable strange insect. They are very impressive at begging
Bandit is a sleepy plant. They love to play games and you fell in love with them in a shop