Fantasy Pets and Companions

Fantasy pets and companions for characters and NPCs. Energetic cats, lazy ferrets, curious ducks and possibly elemental goats.


Dragon is a crazy squid. They turn invisible when frightened. they belonged to a friend or relation but preferred you instead
Chief is a jackal. They have unexplained scales or hair and you won them in a bet or game
Flower is a gaunt rabbit. They are very overweight
Basil is a coral preying mantis. They have very large ears or eyes and your family breed this type of creature
Ripper is a hedgehog. They like to be near fire and think they are a different type of creature
Buddy is an ugly dog. They look thin and underfed and can fly or levitate
Sprite is a scarred lobster. They are very impressive at begging
Splinter is an amusing bat. They sometimes glow with a dim light and are resistant to fire damage. you rescued them from a laboratory or other place
Honey is a spirit cat. They are very lazy
Sprite is a cockroach. They have a coat or other item that mostly covers them and you rescued them from a laboratory or other place