Fantasy Pets and Companions

Fantasy pets and companions for characters and NPCs. Energetic cats, lazy ferrets, curious ducks and possibly elemental goats.


Sprite is a spider. They know and can cast one cantrip.
Echo is an affectionate rat. They love to be held and you won them in a bet or game
Smudge is a gaunt cockroach. They change their color to match their surroundings and love music and singing
Hugs is a happy cricket. They jump on you when you are trying to get to sleep
Troll is a happy snake. They have a coat or other item that mostly covers them
Troll is a beautiful toad. They have an extra tail and they were a gift from a friend
Ripper is a lizard. They are very territorial
Blink is a furry rat. They have been reanimated. they followed you until you adopted them
Idliragi is a happy mongoose. They like to hide in difficult to get to places and they were a gift from a lover
Tiass is a blue spirit raven. They are decades old and have existing far longer than should be possible.