Fantasy Pets and Companions

Fantasy pets and companions for characters and NPCs. Energetic cats, lazy ferrets, curious ducks and possibly elemental goats.


Borivik is a parrot. They sometimes glow with a dim light and are resistant to fire damage.
Oscar is a crazy bat. They are always going missing
Blink is a furry cockroach. They hate your close friends and are decades old and have existing far longer than should be possible
Queen is a jackal. They have fleas or bugs living on them and your family breed this type of creature
Pheasant is a gold jackal. They like to eat footwear and have a coat or other item that mostly covers them
Yellow is a dirty jaguar. They are old and it shows
Beetle is a furry sea snail. They are always causing some kind of trouble and you won them in a bet or game
Satyr is a playful spider. They are always getting muddy and they belonged to a friend or relation but preferred you instead
Bolt is a crazy rat. They can play or make a tune. they were a gift from a lover
Oglor is a white toad. They want to be the center of attention