Fantasy Plant

These are made-up plants covering all healing herbs, magical berries, grasping vines and strange ferns.

goldcotton. It is a sacred plant, it has bulbous fruits and it thrives in burial grounds
Snake's wheat. It is a fern, it has pink flowers and it is prized for its large berries
stink-clover. It is a shrub, it has large buds and it is best pickled
pink tail. It is a herb, it has small capsules and it's nectar are often added to salads
pink dock flax. It is a bright plant, it has pink, spiky leaves and it is prized in poultices
spearmustard. It is a sticky climber, it has colourful flowers and it is prized for its large berries
fly beet. It is an exotic grass, it has grey leaves and it has a bitter smell
bronzeblossom. It is a delicate root vegetable, it has broad, spiky leaves and in tales it is used by villains
wireleaf. It is a strange plant, it has a long stem and it thrives by water
smart trumpet. It is an unusual vegetable, it has long, spiky leaves and it can be made into a potent soup