Fantasy Plants

All plants are made up / fantastical.

butterbore. It is a moss, it has large, spiky leaves and it thrives away from light
Fiend's buttons. It is a sweet-smelling fern, it has red fruits and it can be made into a potent soup
wirelime. It is a plant, it has a thick stem and it is commonly used in salads
redcampion. It is a sticky bush, it has a spiky stem and it is often eaten with honey
Queengrace. It is a fine fern, lacy blue flowers and it is sought after by alchemists
dark willow. It is a cactus, it has long leaves and it is prized for its nutritional value
bass hop. It is a carnivorous plant, it has red, jagged leaves and it is good for snake bites
harrowweed. It is an exotic plant, it has large flowers and it may cause itching
common wandbud. It is a coarse bush, it has yellow flowers and it may cause skin irritation
giant winter's fern. It is an ugly fern, it has bright fruits and it's flowers are used as a cure for aches of aging