Fantasy Plants

These are made-up plants covering all healing herbs, magical berries, grasping vines and strange ferns.

dwarfberry. It is a bush, it has a spiky stem and it can be made into a potent soup
seawillow. It is a herb, it has large flowers and it is commonly used in salads
longtrumpet. It is a valued grass, lacy gold flowers and it has a pungent aroma
spear willow. It is an abundant herb, lacy gold flowers and it's roots yield a green dye
flamecotton. It is an abundant fern, it has distinctive flowers and it is a component in potions
bloodgrass. It is a carnivorous cactus, it has distinctive flowers and it is prized for its nutritional value
knotted fern. It is a climber, clusters of small berries and it is a component in elixirs
Shiver pea. It is a prickly plant, it has yellow fruits and in songs it is associated with a city
flyrue. It is a common root vegetable, hook like bristles and it is often added to soups
nightplant. It is a fern, it has small buds and it is used to treat cuts and bruises