Fantasy Plant

These are made-up plants covering all healing herbs, magical berries, grasping vines and strange ferns.

Boar's campion. It is a herb, it has large berries and it may cause rashes
corpse willow. It is a foul herb, it has long leaves and it is a component in brews
dock pepper. It is a rampant lichen, it has bright capsules and it's flowers are used as an ointment for heart problems
brown sowwheat. It is a sweet-smelling moss, it has large berries and it can be made into a herbal remedy
smooth Hillanot's weed. It is a weed, it has bright buds and in stories it is blessed by a deity
Kings nettle. It is a plant, it has a spiky stem and it is used to help with appetites
pigroot. It is a bright weed, it has large fruits and it has a citrus aroma
smooth Westfinger. It is a fragrant cactus, it has bulbous fruits and it's nectar are often added to broths
summer's cloudcactus. It is a little vegetable, it has bulbous berries and it attracts a wide range of bugs
sweet root. It is a little climber, it has small capsules and it is sought after by alchemists