Fantasy Plants

These are made-up plants

woodpea. It is a sweet-smelling herb, budding flowery tops and it is prized for its large berries
fire palm. It is a fragrant bush, it has grey, translucent leaves and it's nectar are often added to soups
goldweed. It is a lovely bush, it has red leaves and it likes to cling to things
Lowbean. It is a fine shrub, it has large flowers and it is sought after by a local priesthood
flythorn. It is an edible herb, it has distinctive flowers and it has a pungent smell
prickly lock. It is a short-leafed grass, it has large berries and it's stem yield a silver dye
greater Greenpoppy. It is a cactus, budding flowery tops and it's roots are often added to stews
Beggar's poppy. It is a beautiful aquatic plant, it has long, jagged leaves and it is identified with a local religion
Maidensblossom. It is a common grass, it has bulbous fruits and it's roots are used as a medicine for sleep problems
shadow flower. It is a cactus, it has green, jagged leaves and it may cause itching