Fantasy Plants

These are made-up plants covering all healing herbs, magical berries, grasping vines and strange ferns. [fantasy] [wilderness] [foraging] []

tapflower. It is an abundant plant, it has small buds and it is sought after by druids
giant poisonbore. It is a rare vegetable, budding flowery tops and it is prized for its healing properties
swamp wood lime. It is a noxious shrub, it has a thick stem and it's leaves are used as a medicine for coughs
sunpalm. It is a fragrant aquatic plant, it has large flowers and it is used to help with pain
sweet root. It is a herb, it has distinctive flowers and it is sought after by wizards
water Rose nettle. It is a bush, it has red berries and it thrives by water
sweet-root. It is an edible weed, it has broad, spiky leaves and it is prized in broths
fairy stem. It is an abundant weed, it has pink, spiky leaves and in songs it is associated with a city
dock pepper. It is a plant, it has a long stem and it's nectar are often added to soups
prickly oat. It is an aquatic plant, it has a thick stem and it likes to cling to things