Quick Fantasy NPC

A fantasy NPC with a name, quick physical trait, other characteristic and current activity


Dworic is a cheerful dwarf healer with no eyebrows. They like solving problems and are currently swearing at a stranger
Anastrianna is an agile elf explorer with tight-fitting clothes. They are skilled with a musical instrument and seek to make a trade with a crazed goblin boss
Phrahdrandon Arjhan is a big dragonborn with an exceptional beauty. He is open to romance and seeks to restore a dwarven academy
"Doublelock" Nackle is a squinting male gnome fortune teller covered in jewelry. He likes talking and has to confront an evil released by actions of a friend
Hashphronyxadyn Norkuuth is a stubborn dragonborn with a swollen nose. They like sweet foods and are currently making predictions of doom to a pet