Quick Fantasy NPC

A fantasy NPC with a name, quick physical trait, other characteristic and current activity

type: env: ancestry:

Taman Hornraven is a sarcastic explorer with a crooked posture. He is saving up to pay off a debt and seeks new experiences to record in their journal
"Wanderer" Shark is a selfish female human with nature-themed tattoos. She is fluent in several languages and is currently investigating the water
Cosima Garley is a loud human with an unusual fashion sense. They believe others are to blame for any problems and are currently studying a dessicated human ear
With a death mask, Agis is a jittery human shipmaker. They believe honor is for fools and have a valued possession, a simple rare mount
Anafa "Wise" Astorio is a tough human conjurer with a colourful owl. He is dedicated to fulfilling a personal life goal and is currently napping
Durius Springfinger is a hardy male human dressed in mourning clothes and no eyebrows. He has an overpowering greed and is currently whistling a tune to Uthemar Eathalena, an athletic student
Yatish is a wild-eyed male tinker with a fresh brand on their arms and a gold matched pair of rings. He loves telling horrifying folk tales and is currently dancing
With an odour of fish, Tessele Evenwood is a quiet human occultist. She is dedicated to fulfilling a personal life goal and has a rival they want removed
Merric is a ferocious female woodcutter with a fresh tattoo depicting a ghost and a hooded cape. She is out for revenge and seeks help in investigating a mystery involving a curse
Merric Cherrycheeks is a stooped human priest with a perfect tiny elemental companion. They believe in the value of honor and are currently drinking ale