Quick Fantasy NPC

A fantasy NPC with a name, quick physical trait, other characteristic and current activity

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With scarred arms, Nedda Littlefoot is an athletic halfling. She is banished from home and is currently resting
Piet is a grizzled necromancer wearing a black jacket. They have a low, gruff voice and are the local champion for a rare game
Covered in brilliant markings, Giogi is a glistening female human. She is allergic to whales and is currently investigating the ground
With a basket of food, Callie Quivergrass is an exuberant male elf cultist. He believes dance is appropriate at any time and is currently humming a ballad to a tree
Holding a monocle, Borivik Dyernina is a mature knight. She believes in the ideal of tradition and is currently writing a song
With a few metal teeth, "Shoals" Brilbig is a whimsical human guide. She believes acquiring a gold ring is most important now and is a member of a rival faction
With an assortment of metal charms, Yamyra Windbottom is a perplexed noble. They believe others are to blame for any problems and are currently drinking ale
Baruch is a hotheaded male human beekeeper with spiky purple hair. He has several small pets and has given a collection of bone carvings to a military order
Enidda "Smiggles" Bafflestone is a rough goblin with an excited badger pet. He is always looking for the easy option and has information about a powerful witch
With an old rabbit companion, Alabaster Tan is a sullen human dockworker. He is blessed with a perfect memory and is currently speaking in a booming voice to a partner