Quick Fantasy NPC

A fantasy NPC with a name, quick physical trait, other characteristic and current activity

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Mennaer Strongtower is an insecure female gnome berserker with old clothing. She is always whistling tunes and seeks to start an academy
Cahlo "Elemental" Greycastle is a serene scholar with delicate hands and copper scales. They have a low, gruff voice and seek to investigate the curse of a mystical coffin
Agna Dhassi is an eccentric dwarf with a faded brand on their face. They believe dance is appropriate at any time and have a large collection of figurines
With a bone necklace, Eldre is a nervous dwarf. They believe in the ideal of independence and are currently pacing up and down
Cotter is a funny elf artist with perfect teeth. They have a low, gruff voice and are currently resting by a body hanging from a scaffold
With a sparkling dress and an assortment of tools, Ataneq is a healthy baker. She likes jokes and puns and has heard bad things about a character
Khigrith Everbuckle is a squinting cook with an abundance of jewelry. He believes finding an orcish Helm of Blasting will give them status and is currently sitting on a rocky brook
Jacques is a well-dressed male human pickpocket with dragon-themed jewelry and a crooked posture. He hates younger people and seeks to find a mysterious instrument
Konunu is a haughty tailor with a distinctive dress. She has a phobia of blood and has bad news for a character
With a brighty-colored holy symbol, Wekesa Nightfin is a nervous human priest of war. He likes solving problems and is the rival of an ancient sheriff