Sea Rumours and Plot Hooks - Sea

Bits of information of dubious quality from tavern patrons, sea traders, fisherfolk, seafaring npcs and friendly sea cratures


A grieving hero is said to be funding an ocean expedition and is looking for other investors. The turtle-folk aren't happy about it
Werydd Trueblood is looking for experienced crewmembers a merchant venture. Just bad news really
Several pirate ships were sunk in Frozen Sea by a sea monster
A fleet was damaged in Blue of Mist by a flying monster
Spellcasting travelers from another plane arrived in a nearby port and they are fleeing a great evil
The Five Torches Tavern has an infamous weekly contest with people not heard from again
A society of summoners wants someone to give something to a lucky hydra
Many aquatic tribes are gathering in a nearby underwater city
A company of fey is in a struggle with a league of islands
A noted explorer is looking for ruins where the ship Salt Kraken was last seen