Sea Rumours and Plot Hooks

Bits of information of dubious quality from tavern patrons, sea traders, fisherfolk, seafaring npcs and friendly sea cratures [fantasy] [sea]


There is a portal to the Bastion of the Secret God in an undersea city
Many aquatic tribes are gathering below the sea
The Honoured Sisterhood of Shipbuilders is funding an expedition in the Maidens Sea
A magical sea giant is threatening a nearby city
There is an ancient shrine on Isle of Builders, whose prophecies have deposed a local ruler
An artistic necromancer has gone missing on Dread's Sanctuary. At least that's what they say
The Quarry of Despair is a draconic forge near the wreck of Dark Serpent's Truth. it is drenched in dark magic. A reliable source told me
A merfolk alchemist can give help on tales on local history
There is a single survivor of a shipwreck. He talks of evil glowing lights
Rich merchants from another plane arrived in a nearby port and they have a powerful artifact