Sea Rumours and Plot Hooks - Sea

Bits of information of dubious quality from tavern patrons, sea traders, fisherfolk, seafaring npcs and friendly sea cratures


The Watch of Horrors is a military island at a nearby port. it is important to a local nation
A foreboding island has been bought by Nebhar the aquamancer
A warded island is an interesting site. Legends say the Halls of Demons is nearby.
Several sailors say they have seen a large winged creature at the floating pillar of stone recently
The Wood of Shadows is an arcane shipwreck under the sea. there is a portal to another world. The mariners won't talk about anything else
The Crow Inn is frequented by priests and infamous for an extensive choice of gins
A strange ship has been seen and merchants have been going missing from the city
A priest of air has been attacking people on the coast at night
An outspoken demon is meant to be funding an ocean expedition and wants other investors
A cruel mayor is building a palace at a nearby bay