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Sea Trinkets (5)

a herb pouch with the symbol of a famed oracle which you must to give to another when you finish a sea voyage
a crab shell inscribed with a ship name when held, shows the journeys of a particular ship
a damp crab shell signed by a genasi oracle that was given to you by a sea spirit
a simple bottle made from weathered timber
a fossilized whistle made from leather and reeds

Sea Hooks and Rumours (5)

a paranoid demon has bought the cursed dhow The Side Quest
There is a ruined group of statues that is haunted by spirits
The Shark Octopus is an ancient pinnace going up for auction
There is a blessed oracle on Old Islet, whose revelations have deposed a local ruler
There are dangerous mercenaries for hire in an undersea city

Sea NPCs (3)

Melisizwe Trul is a furtive human wind mage wearing rags. They adore the subject of molluscs and are currently ranting at a wise companion
Fablen Luckfinder is a burly sea elf fisher covered in intricate tattoos. She believes in overcoming a phobia of shadows and is being hunted by agents of the local ruler
Gennal is a brave crabfolk shipmaker with seaweed-like hair. He is saving up to pay off a debt and is currently feeding a pet sea urchin

Sea Encounters (5)

At a patch of kelp. there is a dark vortex that pulls creatures in, portal to another plane
At a small island with a stack of bones. There is a pair of soldiers who are hunting (or being hunted by) a beast. If a fight breaks out possibly something isn't where it is supposed to be
At a dusty wizard's tower. There is a floating corpse of a giant octopus. there are several clams. There is a gathering of crab-people who are investigating rock pools. They have a tentacled pet seal
At a small island with patch of pretty brambles surrounded by pebbles. There is a boat. The Lull Zephyr is an elven warship. The captain is an untrustworthy aristocrat.. They are currently sinking
At a sea stack. There is a mist dragon who is searching for a person. They have a tome about a deity of war

Ship Names (10)

The Water Serpent's Glory
The Wave Runner
Octopus of Whisgard
The Sun Demon
Off Quay
The Victory
Silent Deceit
Moon Falcon

Ships (5)

Wrath of Latchfall is a magically-powered merchant ship. The skipper is a gnomish artist.
Pink Serpent is a new ship. It is followed by enchanted fish.
The Chrysanthemum is a grand carrack. The captain is an orcish oracle.
The Rascal is an old pirate ship. It is followed by enchanted bounty hunters.
The Peregrine's Laugh is a strange yacht with lots of obvious repairs.

Locations (5)

a small island with a heap of bronze stones (there is the bones of a dwarf)
a sand bank and a mossy blue rock (nearby is jagged rock)
a pillar of stone (it is associated with a mysterious dragon)
a smooth rock (there is a dead whale)
an abandoned citadel (close by is a coral reef)

Sea Settlements (3)


The villagers of Baragazstrees claim to descend from a legendary sea captain
It it is known as a source of amber. Recently it is bothered by a mad mage.

Rumours and Hooks

  • The Mad Dwarf Tavern is frequented by farmers and famous for stouts
  • There are spies from a demonic cult infiltrating many ships
  • Ships in the sky have recently been sighted in Sands of the Stranger


Sandlanding is a quiet city with a population of 21300.
It has many sea races coming to trade here. It is the site where a dragon was slain, and people still search for it's hidden hoard in the lands around. Recently a circus has recently arrived and is at odds with a local priesthood

Rumours and Hooks

  • The Cousin's Voyager is a metal merchant ship looking for crew
  • a faraway sand bank is said to hold great treasure. It was where a portal was built
  • There is an artifact-wielding elementalist that appears at night at Never Gulf


  • The Executioner is a miserable Taphouse frequented by musicians. It is known for a large choice of gins. There is a grumpy labourer preparing for a storm
  • The Minstrel and Tinker Tavern is a loud place frequented by guards. It is known for meads


Iscroft is a town. It grew up around a large shipwreck
It has a magically-powered longship in the harbour. It was the site of victory against fiendish hordes and the victorious heroes built a monument that stands still. Recently it is plagued by weird weather

Rumours and Hooks

  • a hidden sand bank is said to be the graveyard of many adventurers. Edolie the smuggler has a map to it
  • a pious prophet is building a ship where the warship Dragon's Hoard was last seen
  • Strange refugees from another plane arrived nearby and they have mercenaries with them