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Sea Trinkets (5)

a length of bronze chain
an ivory medallion that faintly hums in the dark
a hairpiece made from parrot feathers
an ornate bell made from canvas
a waterproof piece of coral engraved with the name of a renowned oracle

Sea Hooks and Rumours (5)

a sea monster has been demanding tribute from ships in Sands of Jesters
a sentient ship has been attacking ships for the last month
Wind Dancer is a battle-scarred yacht that disappeared on a nearby beach
There is a two-headed whale killing at random near the wreck of The Bird
Magic Serpent is a blessed great ship looking for crew

Sea NPCs (3)

Ipupiara the Auger is a tattooed triton cadet holding a musical instrument. She adores meditating in high-up places and has information about a quest of the group
Ursaarha Shadowstalker is a burly female elf wearing lots of expensive jewelry and an aluring amulet. She loves to be surrounded by nature and is trying to interest people in a wanted poster
Nelmes is a thickset female triton bosun with knee-high boots. She is great with children and is currently staring into the distance

Sea Encounters (5)

At a small island with patch of seaweed. there is a desecrated shrine. Lingering attracts undead
At a mass of stinking, rotting seaweed. there is a phantom ship sailing underwater
At a patch of sea plants. there is a sandbank. There is a vessel. Pathfinder is a large yacht. It has a strange catapult.. They are currently flying an unknown flag
At a small island with few mangrove trees by a small island with a stack of rubble. There is a water spirit who are searching the area for sustenance. Possible combat event is... someone has a vision of the future
At an island with a gloomy lighthouse which is associated with clams. there is a ghost ship

Ship Names (10)

Flogger's Demon
Sandshaw's End
The Southern Orca
The Catatonic
Moon Lady
The No Regrets
Grim Spur's Shame
The Arbiter
The Blue Peter

Ships (5)

The Fighter's Swan is an ancient merchant ship. It has an old ally.
Contest is a rickety ship. It is followed by many clouds.
The Waking Dream is a cursed galley with lots of obvious repairs.
Spray is a pristine dragonship. It is crewed by armed captives.
Casterbeach's End is a fine carrack. It is followed by enchanted sea monsters.

Locations (5)

a two enchanted mangrove saplings by a sand bank (there is a floating marker with the distances to two cities)
an ancient statue and a shrine to a power of water (close by is small island with an eerie portal)
an unusual statue near a small island with patch of seaweed (nearby is a mass of stinking, rotting seaweed)
a beach of black sand (an inky cloud covers the area)
a small island with a hut (it is snowing)

Sea Settlements (3)


Thamiorwyn is a cultivated underwater village with a population of 219. It is led by a minor noble
It was founded by a pirate. It was conquered by a usurper in a near-bloodless coup years ago.

Rumours and Hooks

  • The Gold Bell Inn is frequented by prostitutes and famous for gambling tables
  • Orange Wyvern is a magical hulk lost with a cargo of wax
  • several pirate ships were captured in Old Narrows by a sea monster


Littletower is a town. It has a port run by a shipmakers' guild
It is famous for unusual pets. It is along the site of a famous road or trade route. Recently a decorated citadel is being repaired by a ruthless demigod

Rumours and Hooks

  • A merchant has been planning a venture to at Insidious Straights
  • The phantom of Zija haunts an area at Channel of Stars and nobody can put them to rest
  • There are seabirds of unusual size on a nearby island
  • There is a mysterious archway associated with the Sunless Haven of Ice at the docks of Saltpoint
  • Several dock workers say they have seen lights at the unusual sea stack at night


Daggersands is a town. It has orange sand on the shore
It has many sea races walking the streets here. It was founded by wealthy adventurers, Knights of the Lyre, when they chose to settle. Recently there were riots that left areas burnt to the ground

Rumours and Hooks

  • Ships are going missing at the docks of Boarworthy
  • Some mercenaries are saying dead bodies are washing ashore by the docks


  • The Four Soldiers is an expensive Meadhall frequented by traders. It is known for roast meat and novelty acts