Fantasy Ship

First go at a fantasy ship generator. Future updates planned.

The Dancer is a blessed ship. It has an enchanted anchor.
Sunseeker is a swift boat. It has an enchanted pet.
Night Demon is a reinforced longship. The skipper is a famous killer.
The Seas the Day is a swift galley. It is followed by dangerous seagulls.
The Emissary's Gull is a reinforced yacht decorated with shells.
Sea Golem is a battered merchant ship with scorch marks.
The Fell Witch is an old merchant ship decorated with a holy symbol.
Silent Arrow is a large sailing ship. It is followed by dangerous fish.
Wind Serpent is a new longship. The skipper is a hedonistic sorcerer.
The Silver Nomad is a sleek coaster. The captain is a secretive engineer.