Fantasy Wagon Shop

Shops, vendors and merchants of wagons and other vehicles. [fantasy] [vehicles] [shop]

The Cart Champions is a deserted waggoneers. The owner is a charming dealer with crooked teeth. It has 7 carts and wagons on display.
Catching the eye are a squeaky coach that has a hidden compartment and a high-sided cart with a brake. There are fashionable harnesses.
Lyle's Used Conveyances is a fenced vehicle yard. It has a few carts and wagons for sale.
Catching the eye are a squeaky armored wagon with a suspension, an old sleigh that is covered in mud and a covered stagecoach advertising a tavern. There is a shrine to a deity of craft. The prices are double normal.
Wheels and Deals is a busy vehicle market. You see a shaved woman who smells of smoke. It has 8 wheeled vehicles scattered around.
Catching the eye are a covered seated wagon with scorch marks, a battered sleigh decorated with ribbons and a wooden slanted wagon with a suspension. There are a pair of young mules.
Carnage Conveyances is an used wagon yard. It has lots of wheeled vehicles in various states of readiness.
Catching the eye are an open wagon with a spare wheel and a wooden flat wagon with a brake. There is a roan ox and also is a black horse.
Reliable Coaches, Conveyances and Deals is a noisy cart shop. It has several assorted vehicles in various states of readiness.
There are a brightly-painted handcart decorated with a holy symbol and a covered battlewagon decorated with amulets. There is a stack of oars. They are offering a free test drive.