Fantasy Wagon Shop

Shops, vendors and merchants of wagons and other vehicles.

Steals 'n Deals is a vehicle merchant. You are greeted by a veteran seller with a distinctive birthmark. It has 7 assorted vehicles for sale.
There are an open wheelbarrow with green stripes and a red handcart with bright stripes. There is a rich customer complaining about a vehicle.
Mara's Quality Wagons is actually an unusual boatyard. It has 5 watercraft for sale.
There is a pile of wheels. They are offering a free test drive.
Vampire Vehicles is an upmarket second-hand wagon merchant. On duty is a wily trader with shiny hair. It has many assorted vehicles on display.
standing out are a wooden slanted cart with scythed wheels, a rickety sled with vivid stripes and a high-sided flat wagon with one side damaged. There is a black ox.
Happy Life Vehicles is a wagon market. On duty is an unpredictable seller with a pair of glasses. It has 12 vehicles scattered around.
Catching the eye are a covered wheelbarrow advertising a book called 'Umbero' and 6-wheeled seated wagon decorated with a holy symbol. There is an odd cow. The prices are expensive.
Brilbig's Finest Carts is an enclosed wagon shop. On duty is a good-looking woman with an unusual skin colour. It has 10 wagons on display.
Catching the eye are a high-sided flat cart with signs of rot called Princess, a leaky rowing boat with a sail and a leaky canoe with a sail. There is a stack of bricks.