Quick Fantasy Inn/Tavern

A quick tavern or inn description

The Owl is a dirty bar frequented by hunters. It is known for an assortment of dogs. Currently a wounded prostitute is flirting with an animal and a crippled guard is looking for someone to play a game
The Tan Moon Alehouse is a raucous place frequented by thieves and alchemists. It is known for low prices. Currently a tired witch is worshipping a diety of life and a squinting fence is trying to hide
The Tankard and Wanderer is a posh Saloon frequented by gnomes. It is known for cocktails
The Three Horseshoes is an infamous Inn frequented by activists and priests. It is known for singers. There is a friendly brawler looking for a fight
The Mage and Coin is a fashionable Brewery frequented by adventurers and pilgrims. It is known for strange beers
The Running Hen is an expensive building frequented by gamblers. It is known for outbreaks of disease
The Ferret and Battleaxe is a smoky place frequented by musicians. It is known for low prices. There is an old hunter ordering a round of drinks
The Marked Bull Tavern is a fashionable building frequented by mercenaries. It is known for various trinkets and brawls. Currently a scary miner is celebrating something
The Serpent and Hound Taphouse is a famous building frequented by pilgrims. It is known for gambling tables and cakes
The Angel and Gargoyle is a popular Brewery frequented by pilgrims. It is known for rude staff. Currently a tired guide is laughing at a bartender and a tipsy mercenary is shouting at other patrons