Quick Fantasy Inn/Tavern

A quick tavern or inn description [fantasy] [city] [tavern]

The Shiny Glove is a cheap building frequented by bards and gamblers. It is known for lively entertainement. There is an optimistic server cleaning a weapon
The Flying Goat is a miserable Taphouse frequented by mercenaries and farmers. It is known for cocktails
The Camel's Wagon is a noisy bar frequented by guards and miners. It is known for a good range of spirits and an assortment of snakes
The Monk and Mare is a friendly Saloon frequented by dockworkers and mercenaries. It is known for a drink, Dragonhammer Stout and pies. There is a tired outlaw sat in a dark corner
The East Seaman is a well-lit bar frequented by pilgrims. It is known for dancers. There is a proud mercenary playing at cards
The Dark Wolf is a raucous Saloon frequented by farmers and apprentices. It is known for quizzes and dancers. Currently a squinting marshal is crying over a misfortune and a stylish preacher is looking suspicious
The Graceful Owl is an unfriendly building frequented by apprentices and labourers. It is known for strong wine
The Horse's Jug Alehouse is a charming building frequented by artisans. It is known for a good range of beers
The Seven Witches is an ancient Inn frequented by thieves. It is known for red wine
The Eagle and Dance Alehouse is a dirty building frequented by youths. It is known for a wide choice of gins. Currently a gaunt singer is threatening a server