Quick Fantasy Inn/Tavern

A quick tavern or inn description

The Angry Sheriff Tavern is a friendly building frequented by adventurers and travellers. It is known for low prices
The Jackal's Ring is a respectable Lodge frequented by gamblers. It is known for rice wine and a large range of whiskies. Currently a tipsy landlord is looking for someone to play a game
The Hunter and Cod is a quiet building frequented by brawlers and wizards. It is known for games of dice. There is an obese local playing an instrument
The Coin and Crow Inn is a noisy bar frequented by artisans. It is known for pickpockets
The Riddling Wizard Taphouse is a disreputable place frequented by labourers. It is known for novelty acts and high prices
The Hundred Horns Brewery is a disreputable building frequented by prostitutes and travellers. It is known for excellent rooms and fish dishes. Currently a worried local is smoking pipeweed
The Piemaker and Boot is a welcoming building frequented by guards. It is known for quizzes and brightly coloured ale
The Merry Sergeant Tavern is a rough place frequented by dwarves. It is known for a large selection of gins
The Long Nap is a small Tavern frequented by traders. It is known for various treasures and singers. Currently a focused judge is waiting by a glistening pond
The Blind Chest Inn is a fashionable building frequented by warriors. It is known for cocktails. There is a treacherous prostitute playing at dice