Quick Fantasy Inn/Tavern

A quick tavern or inn description

The Five Shields is a cheap Brewery frequented by crooks and shapechangers. It is known for brawls and high prices
The Flying Crow is a comfortable Meadhall frequented by bards and labourers. It is known for singers and a large selection of whiskies. There is an acrobatic watch captain mocking a server
The Troll and Stag Taphouse is a loud bar frequented by labourers and criminals. It is known for gambling tables
The Happy Slayer Tavern is a popular bar frequented by prostitutes. It is known for gambling tables and games of dice. There is a demonic prostitute watching everyone else
The Daughter and Stag is an infamous Alehouse frequented by brawlers and prostitutes. It is known for fights and various trinkets. There is a scarred trader speaking too quickly to a plant or tree
The Two Disciples is a cheerful place frequented by travellers. It is known for a large selection of vodkas and fights
The Stag and Eagle Inn is a small bar frequented by alchemists. It is known for a large selection of beers. There is a drunk apprentice sat in a dark corner
The Game Master's Grin Taphouse is a smoky bar frequented by guards. It is known for low prices. Currently an ugly waiter is asleep and a stoned student is mocking an animal
The Fish and Fairy is an infamous Saloon frequented by labourers and youths. It is known for fish dishes
The Burning Witch Alehouse is an infamous bar frequented by pilgrims and crooks. It is known for parties