Quick Fantasy Inn/Tavern

A quick tavern or inn description

The Old Wolf Brewery is a celebrated building frequented by old folk and gamblers. It is known for gambling tables and a wide choice of whiskies. Currently a drunk herder is laughing at a bartender
The Hooded Skull is a smoky Tavern frequented by halflings. It is known for brawls and cakes. Currently a dirty seer is laughing loudly and a friendly beggar is practising for an event
The Smiling Dragon Brewery is a dirty place frequented by elves and prostitutes. It is known for cocktails
The Laughing Bride is a dirty bar frequented by artisans and shapechangers. It is known for an extensive choice of wines. Currently an unsettled alchemist is glaring at plants
The Sharp Rat Tavern is a hostile bar frequented by adventurers and farmers. It is known for a drink, Baragaz's Honey Import. There is an old magnate being sick
The Mysterious Beaver is a clean Lodge frequented by thieves and mercenaries. It is known for thefts and excellent rooms
The Smith and Swallow Meadhall is a dirty place frequented by musicians and halflings. It is known for brightly coloured drinks. Currently an old porter is threatening other patrons
The Groaning Garden Inn is a popular bar frequented by students and pilgrims. It is known for stouts. Currently a paranoid guard is trying to sell something in a bottle
The Amber Ape is an infamous place frequented by bards. It is known for pickpockets and games of darts. There is a dirty singer resting
The Thirteen Suns is a clean Taphouse frequented by wizards and wizards. It is known for ciders