Quick Fantasy Inn/Tavern

A quick tavern or inn description [fantasy] [city] [tavern]

The Flaming Coach is a clean Brewery frequented by thieves. It is known for a shelf of insects and low prices
The Crow's Loaf Inn is an expensive place frequented by labourers. It is known for various treasures
The Hungry Knight is a quiet Tavern frequented by labourers and brawlers. It is known for cocktails
The Celestial Chimera is a cheap place frequented by prostitutes. It is known for pies. Currently a tough tracker is shouting at a server and a tipsy tracker is trying to hide
The Old Hart Tavern is a cheap building frequented by youths. It is known for an assortment of lizards
The Smiling Dragon Taphouse is a fashionable bar frequented by gnomes. It is known for an assortment of pets
The Lord and Crown is a rough bar frequented by guards. It is known for ciders. Currently a grim messenger is arguing with the owner
The Crooked Slayer is a smoky Lodge frequented by thieves and bards. It is known for a drink, Skybeard Mead. There is a merry rogue talking to someone imaginary or invisible
The Blue Bat Lodge is a dirty bar frequented by youths and travelers. It is known for cocktails. Currently a mature entertainer is singing a jolly song
The Wolf's Shield is a dirty Tavern frequented by adventurers. It is known for gambling tables and dirty rooms