Fantasy Travel Companion

A travel companion for fantasy journeys big and small!


You are travelling with a practical officer and a discerningmonster going to the village of Shiphaven Haven. Eustace Tolzen is always asking questions about a historic event.
For a few hours your companion has been Tenser and a glum companion, travelling to the same place as you. They are a hated human with a bright yellow cloak and a bright blue hat and they are entertaining.
You are travelling with an exuberant halfling and a spiteful underling going to wherever they want to go. Etune is watching out for a friend.
Koko Lao is an open-minded male orc peasant with a bright pink hat, who is journeying to the the Pyramid of the Marble Phantom. They are always talking about religion and travel with a lewd juggler
Dilara Uuthrakt is a candid female labourer with several bulging bags, who is going to meet someone at a nearby dungeon. They are helpful and travel with a cousin
For a day your companion has been Koko and a hedonistic water druid, travelling to the same place as you. He is a sarcastic ship captain with full body tattoos of skulls and he is spreading the word of a deity of battle.
Jonah Vinloskarga is a proud goblin armourer holding a mask and hairy arms and knuckles, who is focused on getting to Roch Sea. They have travelled alongside you for 6 days. They are quiet for long periods and travel with a pet jackal
You are travelling with a tense human mercenary and a reckless friend going to an unknown destination. Bulren Stormwind is driving you insane.
For 5 days your companion has been Yadon Skytown and a flashy servant, focused on getting to a nearby battlefield. He is a cooperative orc bounty hunter with a dirty fiendish lizard and bright rings and he is quiet for long periods.
For a few hours your companion has been Heidar Crumbspeaker and an outspoken servant, travelling to the same place as you. They are a polite priest wearing a green jacket and they are secretly an agent for a rival.