Fantasy Travel Companion

A travel companion for fantasy journeys big and small!


You are travelling with a messy human clerk and a proud brother travelling to an unknown destination. Commission Rein is watching out for a family member.
For 4 days your companion has been Ember and a tough wife, journeying to wherever they want to go. He is a cruel miller covered in silver markings and he is entertaining.
Lamor is a likeable doctor who smells of something minty and a bone necklace, who is in a hurry to get to wherever they want to go. They have accompanied you for 3 days. They are always asking questions about politics
Avubeth Fleetfoot is a belligerent elf racketeer with ornate jewelry and a damaged parasol, who is in a hurry to get to the village of Mull Meet. They have accompanied you since the last settlement. They are entertaining
Zesiro is a dull human glassblower with scarred arms and braided hair, who is travelling to the same place as you. They have been with you for most of your journey. They are friendly and travel with a pale partner
For most of your journey your companion has been Katernin and a perplexed friend, focused on getting to meet someone below the city of Downharbour. They are a tenacious sea folk temple guard with ornate rings and a magical parasol and they are overly polite.
You are travelling with an impoverished messenger and a licentious servant journeying to a nearby plaza. Mahba is a perfect travel companion.
For an hour your companion has been Vun Ramondo, in a hurry to get to the city of Qiao's Hollow and then the village of Guardcham. He is a flustered cleric with an unusual skin colour and he is always asking questions about conspiracies.
You are travelling with a plotting sergeant and a cowardly acrobat in a hurry to get to an unknown destination. Ianis is secretly a divine being.
Ir is a well-muscled female lizardfolk hunter with eye-catching shell jewellery and a magical gold bag, who is going to Crown Sands. They are secretly a planar traveller