Fantasy Travel Companion

A travel companion for fantasy journeys big and small!


Purah Inofran is a seductive tiefling with a shaved head and a distinctive pair of glasses, who is going to wherever they want to go. They are hiding something and travel with several others
Zimzert "Rabbit" Pingun is a charismatic halfling with a glittering dress, who is focused on getting to wherever they want to go. They have travelled alongside you for a day. They are driving you insane and travel with Rascal, a pony
You are travelling with a youthful elf and Sparkle, an owl going to the town of Huntsfinger. Dervea Ilimoira is always asking questions about an ex-lover.
Oleg Hellstalk is a romantic human sorcerer with curly hair and moon-themed symbols, who is journeying to the village of Frostway. They are secretly a villain and travel with Shar, a clockwork pet
You are travelling with a volatile human guard and a pet deer journeying to the next city. "Lion" Tienette is overly polite.
Since the start of your journey your companion has been Glibirin Twistspell, journeying to meet someone at a nearby dungeon. She is an emotional gnome with a distinctive drum and a gemstone clasp and she is a perfect travel companion.
Havilar Laendoko is a drunk tiefling with a distinctive blue musical instrument, who is journeying to the city of Duskendon. They are watching out for a landmark
Jarsali Ariemne is a handsome elf with a furry wolf companion, who is journeying to the the Spire of Daggershore. They are entertaining and travel with a trio of ogres
For an hour your companion has been Dravin, journeying to the same place as you. They are a secretive hawker with an impressive polearm and a runed axe and they are watching out for a friend.
You are travelling with an eccentric racketeer and a tattooedplant travelling to the Greatmist Hall. Shevarra Starag is overly polite.