Fantasy Art Object

A treasure in a hoard, part of a valued collection, a family heirloom, a temple relic or a personal trinket. [fantasy] [treasure] [art]

A door knocker made of spinel (1200 gp)
A shard of coloured glass with intricate lettering (200 gp)
A helmet made of garnet (1100 gp)
A hunk of bone, it has bloodstains (15 gp)
An elven pine flask (1600 gp)
A tattered leaves coat with detailed symbols (450 gp)
A small stained glass wine goblet (150 gp)
A small gilt bronze bust of a plant-monster (30 gp)
A rustic drinking horn made of crystal with jet inlay (500 gp)
An old razor made of shell (150 gp)