Fantasy Art Object

A treasure in a hoard, part of a valued collection, a family heirloom, a temple relic or a personal trinket.


A dirty spinel music box with silver filigree that belonged to a dwarf artist (8000 gp)
A helmet made of enamel (350 gp)
A lump of stone (5 gp)
A hunk of adamantine showing a headless rider (1500 gp)
An engraved tiara made of coloured glass with electrum filigree (1000 gp)
A dwarven adamantine pipes decorated with dawn, but part of it is missing (4000 gp)
A hunk of turquoise with a single unblinking eye that moves to watch whoever is nearest, but part of it is missing (450 gp)
A stained glass axe showing a shark with a wolf (4500 gp)
A jerkin made of cloth-of-gold with intricate inscriptions, it has bloodstains (1200 gp)
A shard of flint decorated with zircon gems that doesn't sink when placed in liquid, snow or mud, it has dark stains (40 gp)