Fantasy Art Object

A treasure in a hoard, part of a valued collection, a family heirloom, a temple relic or a personal trinket.


A jeweled statuette of a ghost made of coral, but it has a crack (150 gp)
A moldy vines pair of gloves which is white, but it has a crack (80 gp)
A hunk of ceramic stitched with gold thread (25 gp)
A small jerkin made of wool adorned with eyes (80 gp)
A demonic pair of slippers made of linen painted black that smells of fish, it has dark stains (500 gp)
A cloth mask with a tiny wooden door (150 gp)
A chunk of dragonbone, it has dark stains (50 gp)
A moldy hemp pair of shoes (5 gp)
A painted anklet made of maple with silver filigree (250 gp)
A chunk of dragonbone adorned with pearls (1500 gp)