Fantasy Art Object

A treasure in a hoard, part of a valued collection, a family heirloom, a temple relic or a personal trinket.

tools for - fantasy treasure


A chunk of coral with glowing lettering, but part of it is missing (40 gp)
A brooch made of spinel set with three amethysts with the scent of smoke (22500 gp)
An ornamental mahogany statuette of a zombie (1900 gp)
A crude mahogany hair ornament (50 gp)
A sacred alabaster pair of shoes decorated with bloodstones that has the faint scent of flowers (4000 gp)
A silk boot, it has dark stains (500 gp)
An elegant medallion made of silver, it has been badly repaired (500 gp)
A mystical pair of shoes made of gold wire adorned with bloodstones (4500 gp)
A mysterious jacket made of cloth-of-gold (600 gp)
A saw made of glass that attracts flies (400 gp)