Fantasy Magic Item

Simple magic items mostly used in other generators (for now)

An unholy Stone of Mirror that smells of lavender (minor item)
A fiendish Flail of Absorption that gives the owner dreams of glory (major item)
A floating Bow of Magic Detection that glows pink at night (minor item)
A cursed Talisman of Dragons that lingers with the scent of rats (major item)
A holy Rod of Teleportation that belonged to a great warrior (major item)
A Rope of Friendship that smells of flowers (minor item)
A Robe of Blasting that gives the carrier a desire to be in sunlight (minor item)
A Periapt of Useful Items cursed by a deity of forests (minor item)
A glamoured Oil of Mirror which crawls along by itself (minor item)
A fiendish Talisman of Speed that attracts songbirds (major item)