Fantasy Magic Item

Simple magic items mostly used in other generators (for now)

An elven Staff of Many Things that always smells of dead bodies (major item)
A Javelin of Cold that belonged to a legendary archer (minor item)
An accursed Bracelet of Brightness that shouts phrases associated with sailors (minor item)
An orcish Ring of Water Breathing that belonged to a great warrior (minor item)
A pair of Boots of Lightning blessed by a deity of winter (minor item)
An Axe of Speed that is linked to a gory killing (major item)
A draconic Armor of Greater Useful Items that emits a spark when rubbed (major item)
A blessed Rope of Health that belonged to a revered artist (minor item)
A Bow of Telekinesis which is possessed by a minor poltergeist (major item)
A pair of Eyes of Power from an oracle of the sun (minor item)