Fantasy Magic Item

Simple magic items mostly used in other generators (for now)

A Sword of Wonder that belonged to an angel (minor item)
A Ring of Telekinesis that murmurs in Aquan (major item)
A glowing Crossbow of Deck that whispers to the bearer of glory to be gained (minor item)
A dwarven Javelin of Many Things which belonged to a cursed adventurer (major item)
A blessed Ring of Necromantic Friendship which makes sounds of different birds (major item)
A sparkling Shortsword of Luck that doesn't sink when placed in liquid, snow or mud (minor item)
A gnomish Blade of Summoning that floats briefly at each dusk (minor item)
A holy Lute of Shadows which whines when sharks are near (minor item)
An elven Rod of Necromantic Climbing that gives the bearer visions of far off ports (major item)
A sparkling Gem of Invisibility that whispers constantly in Auran (major item)