Fantasy Magic Item

Simple magic items mostly used in other generators (for now)

tools for - fantasy treasure

A dwarven Necklace of Water Walking that changes color underwater (minor item)
A Gem of Force cursed by a deity of vengeance (minor item)
An unholy Staff of Cursed Fear which leaves behind sparking dust (major item)
A Cloak of Displacement cursed by a deity of trade (major item)
A sentient Gem of Supreme Healing that is linked to a gory killing (major item)
A holy Cloak of Might that smells of vinegar (major item)
A floating Ring of Fire that smells of burning wood (minor item)
A pair of Bracers of Blasting which makes sounds of different birds (minor item)
A dwarven Spear of Displacement that disappears every equinox (major item)
A dwarven Figurine of Power that has tiny icicles that grow every morning (minor item)