Fantasy Magic Item

Simple magic items mostly used in other generators (for now)

tools for - fantasy treasure

An Armor of Wondrous Health that belonged to a lizardfolk champion (major item)
A dwarven Armour of Water Breathing cursed by a deity of fate (minor item)
A draconic Talisman of True Health that has runes only visible in sunlight (major item)
A possessed Necklace of Wondrous Rats which is followed by a breeze (major item)
A sparkling Bracers of Shadows that always smells of summer (minor item)
A dwarven Helm of Mockery that always smells of sweat (minor item)
A fiendish Orb of Regeneration that smells of coal (major item)
A dwarven Crystal Ball of Etherealness that always smells of dead bodies (major item)
A sentient Crossbow of Greater Feather Falling that belonged to a powerful winter witch (major item)
A fiendish Periapt of Greater Healing from a sailor whose skeleton washed ashore (major item)