Magic Vehicle

Magical wagons, carts, watercraft, sleds and other vehicles

A mystical stagecoach that is unusually clean. It has a Rune of Steel which makes it almost indestructible.
A gold sleigh that is covered in insects. It speaks in a quiet voice.
A brightly-reflective seated wagon with a suspension. It can become immovable.
A holy sled with vivid stripes. It can fill up with wine once per day. It moves on its own
A runed sled with signs of rot. It can turn into a chest. It can follow it's owner at a distance of 20 feet
An open chariot that smells of flowers. It can make impressive jumps. It can fly
A runed war canoe that is covered in dirt. It moves on its own.
A decorated stagecoach that has a hidden compartment. It has a Rune of the Ram which makes it good for smashing through things. It can fly
A long skiff with many ropes. It has a Rune of Carrying which means it can carry four times its apparent capacity.
A shimmering sled that is unusually clean. It has a Rune of Speed which lets it move faster.