Quick Fantasy Village

Brimleigh is a hidden village with a population of 477. It is led by a poor noble
Qiaodall is a hamlet with a population of 52.
Olga's Watch is proud to be built near a magical hill
The traditional community of Netherpool is renowned for cats
The nice village of Loopmottincomber claims to be protected by a druid
The folk of Fivin's Head claim to descend from a witch
Greenbreaker claims to be protected by a ghost
The quaint village of Rillith is on an island and known for its fish. Coracles are used to get everywhere and they have a shrine to a many-tentacled being
The bleak village of Everquay grew up around a crossroad
Oakpass is a dusty settlement with a population of 144. It is led by a small guild of coopers