Dwarven Magic Wheelbarrow

Magical dwarven wheelbarrows, trolleys and handcarts for every occasion. For use in gardens, mines and shopping. [fantasy] [vehicles]

A heavy handcart that is unusually clean. It is telepathic. It is filled with tools
An eerie wheelbarrow that smells of food. It can follow it's owner at a distance of 50 feet. It is half-full with junk
A squeaky wheelbarrow with a brake. It can fill up with water once per day. It is half-full with cheese
A shimmering handcart with mismatched wheels. It has a Rune of Carrying which means it can carry four times its apparent capacity. It is half-full with scrap metal
A metal wheelbarrow with a brake. It speaks in a spectral voice. It is half-full with plants
A spiked wheelbarrow with vivid stripes. It speaks in a booming voice. It is empty
A wooden trolley decorated with amulets. It speaks in a quiet voice. It is carrying some leaves
A metal wheelbarrow with mismatched wheels. It can turn into a statue. It is full of cheese
An armored handcart with a spare wheel. It can fly. It is filled with plants
An arcane trolley with mismatched wheels. It has a Rune of Speed which lets it move faster. It is overflowing with plants