Fantasy Rumours and Plot Hooks - Wilderness

Bits of information of dubious quality from taverns, travelers and other sources.
Beyond the frontiers is the fantasy wilderness, where dangers lurk and nature comes first. Ruins, rare herbs and discoveries await.


There is an old road to a magical place which is guarded by spirits
A temple to a power of lies wants someone to help the desperate outpost of Compona to deal with extreme weather
Shin Lei is in love with an elf. As if that could be true!
The community of Chapgate Beacon wants adventurers to foil the plans of a repulsive warlock. The dwarves won't talk about anything else
A raiding group of brigands has been sighted nearby
Venali the hermit is giving gifts to a druid
There is plague in a friendly city-state
A military order wants someone to investigate the sighting of a rare snake
Creatures from the Court of Bones have been sighted in the Cop Ruins
There is a hidden entrance to the Chaotic City of the Dead in the hills