Wilds Rumours and Plot Hooks

Bits of information of dubious quality from fellow travellers, cautious hunters and isolated hamlets [fantasy] [wilderness]

Trynnicus the trapper lost a sibling in a terrible accident
Ielenia the hunter wants someone to help the small outpost of Crackway Ferry to deal with barbarian raiders
Neeka the herbalist lost a boat in the Hell Lake
There is a portal to the Fey Realm that sometimes opens in the Arcane Glades
There is an old satyr disturbing the locals
The outpost of Uphof in the Rune Wood wants someone to slaughter a herd of beasts
Ataneq the necromancer wants someone to row a boat to a dangerous location
The ruins of Quarbury are surrounded by an enchanted wood
There is a group of desperate thieves who have a large stash of treasure
There is an old road through the Fell Marshes which is open to the right people