Wilds Rumours and Plot Hooks

Bits of information of dubious quality from fellow travellers, cautious hunters and isolated hamlets

Damakos's farmstead is home to a demonic hero and is home to a skilful noble
There is a magic door to a fey court that sometimes opens in the Haug's Maze
Tall brush is an enchanted plant sought after by alchemists
A powerful lord is leading a hunt out there
Kasdeya the hermit is giving gifts to an elf
An intelligent spider is in league with a monster
Dentratha the herder lost a limb in the Stokerock Mere
There are whispering ghosts which aid travelers
The phantom of a handsome architect called So-Kehur has started haunting an area in the Deep Valley and they guard something valuable
A sadistic mercenary named Mican Talltree lost a treasure in a terrible accident