Wilds Rumours and Plot Hooks

Bits of information of dubious quality from fellow travellers, cautious hunters and isolated hamlets [fantasy] [wilderness]

There is a fungal group of bandits in the Spring Ruins
There are dangerous spirits guarding magical ruins in the Plain of Feathers
The outlaws of the So-Kehur's Caves gather once a month
A raiding group of bandits has been sighted nearby
Balaluna the herbalist is married to a ranger
A blessed fiend was accidently killed by travelers at Fields of Gessoanel
A rich noble is leading a hunt in the Lon Marsh
A community of shapechangers in the Starmark Crags wants adventurers to break a curse at a foreboding mountain and is seeking aid with flooding
There are crows who curse you if seen in the area at night
There are mysterious ghosts placated by the locals