Space Fantasy Ruins

Ruins for adventures in Space Fantasy settings, where genre meet in space galleons, elves with guns, arcane tech and other mish-mashes.

There is a fiendish mountain on an asteroid, it has a wardrobe of assorted costumes.
There is a gloomy shipyard made of canvas, it has an extensive library and there is an elemental spirit lurking nearby. is part of an ongoing struggle between local nations
There is a reflective museum partly made of vegetable matter, there is a mutant virus trapped here. is said in tales that Grimcross Realm is nearby.
There is an alien temple partly made of stone, there is a mutant virus buried here. has a market that occurs every equinox
There is a flourescent tavern, there is a portal of shifting colours. was the site of a notable battle - lizardfolk lost to goblinoids and a tower guards the spot
The Isle of Downbridge is a magnificent shipwreck partly made of a glittering metal, there is a dead god trapped here.
The Hold of the Resonant Mistress is a flourescent beacon partly made of bone, it is guarded by eternal guardians and there is a powerful fiend buried here. is where famous lovers fled
There is a reflective castle on a dead god, it is guarded by phantasms and there is a powerful fiend searching for something.
A skeleton of a huge creature, it has frames of twisted steel surround a runed cube.
There is an overgrown viewing platform, there is a hermit living here. is associated with a magical ghost