Space Fantasy Ruins

Ruins for adventures in Space Fantasy settings, where genre meet in space galleons, elves with guns, arcane tech and other mish-mashes.

The Annihilation Lens. A crystal telescope shows places it cannot see. Glowing dust swirls around, forming into pointing humanoid figures.
The Mines of Lover's Rock is a glowing beacon partly made of bone, it is surrounded by space fish.
Starkworth Wood is an ancient ship partly made of glass, it is surrounded by space fish and it has a wardrobe of assorted costumes.
Bloodrune Heart is a decorated asteroid partly made of cheese, it is haunted by clockwork horrors and huge pulsating runes cover the area.
A skeleton of a huge being, it is guarded by psychic wards. is part of an ongoing struggle between powerful monsters
There is a sunken spaceport made of bone, there is a dead god searching for something and it is home to an ancient being. a plotting witch lives here
There is a glistening shipwreck, it is home to magical fungi. is where a beautiful bracelet was forged
There is a foreboding island on a floating ship, there is a dead god lurking nearby and it has a large device for controlling something.
Ruins of Mareswell is a pretty laboratory partly made of space coral, it has large advertisements and it is haunted by clockwork horrors. is cursed ground
There is a fiendish vault made of an unknown material, there is a portal of shifting colours and huge pulsating runes cover the area. is associated with undead