Space Fantasy Ruins

Ruins for adventures in Space Fantasy settings, where genre meet in space galleons, elves with guns, arcane tech and other mish-mashes.

There is a twisted generator made of gold and slime, it is surrounded by space fish. It was a place of executions
There is a colorful hedge maze on a small planet, there is an elemental spirit buried here.
The Annihilation Lens. A crystal telescope shows places it cannot see. Glowing dust swirls around, forming into pointing humanoid figures.
Garden of Ogre is a vermin-infested statue partly made of rock, it has a large device for controlling something and there is a hermit living here. an enchanted ring was crafted here by an evil oracle
Bloodfang Watch is an exposed asteroid partly made of a radiant metal and jade, it is guarded by clockwork creatures and large tentacles extend from it. It has a spectacular view
There is a sacred crossroads on a floating ship, plants grow here when none should.
There is a sprawling citadel, there is a dead god searching for something and there is a glistening crystal forest.
A huge spaceship hull is embedded among the melted remains of a city. Sealed crates float around, with the mark of a rich trading family.
The Threefold Loop. A mental beacon warns others from the remains of a space station. Frames of twisted steel surround a runed cube.
A skeleton of a huge monster, there is a dead god lurking nearby.