WFRP Dwarf Beer

Heartcleaver Porter has a grainy tang and is famous in Talebheim. This one has specks floating in it
Hargana's Finest Mead smells like rats and is often drunk before battle
This Bloodstopper has a large head
Frostanvil Stout causes memory loss. This one is very creamy
Unluna's Amber Lager tastes like grass and doesn't travel well
Firemaster has a weird tang and is best served on fire. This one has a hammer made in the foam
Zakannin's Barley Export has a light taste. This one is an unusual colour
Furfina's Fruit Stout has a light tang and causes excessive flatulence. This one has flies floating in it
Stonegate Mead is usually served with a dash of blackcurrent. This one is very fizzy
Durak's Exploding Brew is often drunk before battle. This one has specks floating in it