WFRP Dwarf Beer

Frostfroth Porter has a mouldy aftertaste and is favoured by sailors
Jawcleanser smells like lemons and is a well-kept family secret
This Goldaxe is very fizzy
Hakgella's Imperial Ale has a burnt aftertaste. This one has a perfect foam
Beltforger Ale has a chalky flavour and has a very unpleasant hangover. This one sticks to the glass
This Ogresbane has a reddish-brown colour
This Oldmountain Lager has been watered-down
Furakya's Sweet Stout has a cultivated aroma and is best served cold
Daemoncleaver smells like cats. This one sticks to the glass
Northbeard Ale has a nutty odour and causes memory loss