WFRP Dwarf Beer

Baragaz's Cold Cider is an acquired taste
Oathpeak Ale sends non-dwarves to sleep
Varazor's Draught Cider is often served with eggs. This one has a perfect foam
Snoragrund's Finest Porter has a robust taste and is sought after by cultists. This one is an unusual colour
Longmace smells like flowers. This one has a pale colour
Bellysbane has a brackish scent and causes excessive flatulence. This one has a light colour
Hophelm Porter has an exotic taste followed by a sweet aftertaste and is favoured by wizards
Heartmelter is sought after by Norse
Zamgrim's Cask Porter doesn't travel well. This one is light-bodied
Rotin's Herbal Porter has a mild scent and is often drunk before battle