WFRP Dwarf Beer

Beastslayer Import has a stale taste followed by an unpleasant aftertaste and is infamous in several dwarfholds
Okazad's Smoked Import has a vomit-inducing scent
Furragina's Flaming Ale is favoured by farmers. This one is very fizzy
The historic Steelmace Import has a weird aftertaste. This one has an aggressive flavour
Skybarrel Beer is sought after by humans
Southpass tastes like burning. This one has a fingernail floating in it
The fabled Harrina's Wheat Mead has a smoky taste
The notorious Uthagroth's Herbal Porter smells like horses
Thuratroka's Lime Malt is aged for 100 years. This one has been watered-down
This Copperfoam has lots of bubbles