WFRP Dwarf Beer

The beloved Goldtankard is aged for 50 years. This one has a refreshing taste followed by a distinctive aftertaste
Skardil's Spiced Cider is usually served with a dash of blackcurrent. This one has a ring at the bottom
Strongcoin Stout smells like oak trees and is favoured by followers of Sigmar
This Whitehelm Porter has a die at the bottom
Ungroma's Sweet Import is banned in the area it is brewed. This one sticks to the glass
Ironkeeper Stout is hard to find. This one is smoky
Frostgate has an oaty taste. This one is smoky
Kraggara's Mighty Stout has a powdery flavour. This one has an amber colour
Faralok's Dark Brew has a weird aroma. This one has bits of food floating in it
Gnoldok's Wild Porter has a light flavour and is the cause of many fights