WFRP Dwarf Beer

Dwarf beers, stouts, ales served from mountain holds, human lands and worldwide.

Skallagruma's Draught Mead causes memory loss. This one has a perfect head
Goldhammer Mead has an alcoholic taste and is sought after by Estalians
Kazluna's Ginger Mead smells like smelly feet and is often served with a bucket
This Jawforger Porter has ash floating in it
Rockmace is infamous in many dwarfholds. This one has a large head
Runebearer is banned in the Empire
Hydrajaw Mead has a book written about it. This one has a letter drawn in the foam
Lungcleaver has a floral aftertaste. This one is smoky
Blackhill smells like herbs and is a well-kept family secret
Greenmace Import is used as rat-poison