No-stats WFRP npcs

type: ancestry:

Rodil Molaginsson is a fiery dwarf trader with a large mole and facial piercings. He has little patience for games and seeks to find a famous collection of jewellery
Ulrika Hoefer is a fiery human with religious red robes and a missing eyebrow. She is always building something and is currently playing an instrument
With a single impressive tattoo, Snornin is a troubled human trapper. He has the ideal of change and has has knowledge about a rare item or local legend
Eomund Haintz is a foul human with snaggly teeth and a nose ring. He has strong beliefs around nation and is currently reading a leaflet
With long leather gloves and an aggressive posture, Artur Becker is an one-armed human vagabond. They believe in educating others about dogs and have is part of a group that dislikes the group
With a large monkey pet, Ortlieb Scherer is a distraught human beggar. They are scared by any mention of a necromancer and are currently asking for help
Galimin is a righteous male elf fisher with a furry unique shell mollusk pet. He is collecting leather goods from across the lands and has has an overpowering greed
Arsenandril Foamheart is a stern male elf farmer with a brighty-colored parasol. He is good at listening to others and seeks ancient magical lore
Wattet Bloomberry is an ugly female halfling herder with a huge nose. She is cursed by a ghost to a life of misery and is a business partner of a proud gambler
Who smells of something dead, Jaser is an angry pedlar. He has many friends and is currently coughing and sneezing