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Elaki Athranninsson is a rigid dwarf squire with fresh piercings on their forehead. They love long stories and seek to win a sporting event
With strange-coloured eyes and long silk gloves, Ludmilla Adelhof is a ragged female bawd. She is cursed by a spirit with bad health and is currently singing
With hairy arms and knuckles and an earring, Farrag Norangromsson is a secretive dwarf clerk. He believes in the teachings of a diety of Manann and is currently speaking with many swear words to an animal
Wearing lots of cheap jewelry, Lithoth Willowlimb is a wounded seaman. He is saving up to buy a tavern and has a request for a character to be a mentor
Madred Steiner is a stylish male human pedlar with snaggly teeth and a collection of blades. He is trying to drink away bad memories and has a short side quest for the characters
Dressed in an assortment of iron trinkets, Sigrid Zumwald is a loud female human. She believes in never backing down first and has a message for a character
Farli Rorandilsson is a heartbroken dwarf witch with a missing digit. He adores singing and is currently speaking with very long words to a pet
Marien Albrecht is a small human with a missing digit. She has the ideal of tradition and is currently speaking with many swear words to strangers
With a gilded hat and a lazy eye, Meg Delfholt is a crippled female human. She believes in not backing down from a challenge and seeks to win a sporting event
With rotting teeth and an intricate tattoo of a starburst design, Eloise Schleiermacher is a distraught huffer. They are loyal to a generous patron and seek allies to help face a powerful villain