Space and Sci-fi One Shots

An outline for a futuristic one-shot adventure with the situation, what the characters are, the aim of the one-shot, events during it and an ending. [future] [oneshot]

The Characters are undying pilgrims who must sell a famous teleporter. It might involve a deluded elder evil.
There is a trustworthy undertaker who works against them. they are the ex-lover of a character. And a ravishing linguist who offers them aid.
The characters start waking at a crashed wreck. At some point they encounter a new potential ally. If things are going nowhere a ghost gives them aid.
It finishes with someone swearing revenge.

The Characters are enhanced musicians who must investigate a series of explosions. It might involve psychic spirits and time travel.
There is a humorous mechanic who has important information for them. And a desperate intelligence who works with them as long as it is convenient.
The characters start at the scene of a murder. Early on they meet a robot. If things get stuck a chase starts.
Afterwards there is a reward of galactic fame.

The Characters are deluded space pirates who must take part in an intergalactic talent contest. It might involve a superweapon or the end of all things.
There is a helpful impersonator who tries to help them.
The characters start in an escape pod. Early on they meet a lover of a character. If things slow down something starts following the group.
At the end there is someone swearing revenge. Possible sequel... a shapeshifting entity curious about the characters

The Characters are voyaging veterans who must explore a possessed warship. One of the group is a cybernetic researcher. It might involve a galactic corporation.
There is an always-hungry guard who hates one of the characters.
The characters start in a bar. Partway through foes try to ambush them. If things are going nowhere an old friend appears.
Afterwards there is a reward of the eternal thanks of a friend. Possible sequel... a foe returns more dangerous than before

The Characters are feared android engineers who must find a beautiful data-cube. It might involve a galactic gameshow and a galactic corporation.
There is a vengeful collective who turns out to be the villain. they are the mentor of a character.
The characters start in tense negotiations. Early on they meet an old foe. If things slow down they discover unexpected supplies.
Afterwards there is a revolution. Possible sequel... the characters investigate the curse of a possessed control-device