5E Encounter

Terrain: Encounter Level:

5 Giant Hyenas

At: A mesa (near to a steep hill)
They are resting or eating. Possibly... They are part of or owned by a nearby tribe or settlement

6 Blood Hawks

At: an area of rock-strewn ground
They are making a lot of noise or on patrol. Possibly... It is windy

1 Doppelganger disguised as a human

At: An unusual giant-sized burial ground (currently it is windy)
They are waiting in ambush or hiding. Possibly... They have a prisoner or protector

2 Giant Toads or Plesiosauri

At: A deep river with a small bridge (near to a mossy area of grass)
They are stalking or being stalked by something. Possibly... It is windy

10 Goblins led by a Goblin Boss

At: A lonely tower (currently it is misty)
They are waiting for something or someone. Possibly... They are haunted or harassed by another creature