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5E Encounter

Terrain: Encounter Level:

5 Giant Wasps

At: A vine-covered tall tree (nearby is the fresh corpse of a monster)
They are fleeing something nearby. Possibly... There is a thunderstorm

3 Tribal Warriors hunting for food

At: A wide waterfall into a river (near to a beach of packed sand)
They are waiting in ambush or hiding from something. Possibly... They are part of or owned by a nearby tribe or settlement

1 Giant Crocodile

At: A steep hill (near to a dead area of bright flowers)
They are searching for the PCs. Possibly... It is raining or snowing

2 Yuan-ti Purebloods and 1 Yuan-ti Malison

At: A squat temple of a power of peace (in the area of a forbiddance spell)
They are waiting for something or someone. Possibly... One or more of then is drunk or significantly larger

8 Guards led by a Veteran

At: A ruined shrine to a power of peace (currently it is stormy)
They are making a lot of noise or on patrol. Possibly... It is windy

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