5E Encounter

Encounter Level: Terrain:

2 Lizardfolk led by a Lizardfolk Shaman

At: An abandoned temple to a power of beasts (nearby is the fresh corpse of a humanoid)
They are fleeing a nearby danger, disaster or other threat. Possibly... They have a pet

9 Tribal Warriors led by 4 Berserkers

At: A tended meadow (which is a wild magic zone (roll on the Wild Magic Surge table when a spell is cast))
They are starting or ending a journey or migration. Possibly... One or more of them is wounded

5 Giant Poisonous Snakes

At: An abandoned bridge (there are fresh tracks of more creature(s) nearby)
They are feeding. Possibly... They are part of or owned by a nearby tribe or settlement

7 Orcs

At: A slow spring (a storm is brewing)
They are searching for the PCs. Possibly... They are part of or sacred to a nearby cult or temple

1 Succubus/Incubus

At: A peaceful meadow (the area is sacred to a power of community)
They are guarding a location or area. Possibly... They have a magic item in their possession