D&D 5E Encounter

Encounters might be a meeting with a patrol of guards at an old shrine or a familiar looking for aid. It might be an ambush in the wilderness, a stand-off in the city or a monster in the Underdark.

level: terrain: sources: type:

2 Crocodiles

At an area of fallen trees which is blessed by a power of dragons
They are partway through a journey or migration
In a fight they focus all their attention on foes with ranged weapons

5 Ice Mephits

At a flight of steps cut into rock and ice. there is the corpse of a reindeer
They are waiting in ambush or hiding from something
In a fight they single out any obvious spellcaster

2 Druids

They are in love and trying to find some solitude
At A sheltered rowing boat (disguised by a hallucinatory terrain)
They are scouting the area
In a fight they focus on any obvious spellcaster

10 Kobolds

At a gentle slope and a fir tree
They are on a quest
In a fight they single out the foe that stands out most

4 Kenku (Monster Manual p.194)

One is smaller
At a tree house. there is a horrible smell lingering in the air
They are staring a new phase in their life
In a fight they focus on foes with expensive looking gear