D&D 5E Noncombat Encounter

Noncombat Encounters include creature groups, hazards and lone npcs. Maybe a lost lizardfolk, a forest fire or a talkative druid

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Pippin Shortcrust is a strange male gnome tribal warrior with sea-themed jewelry. He is a passionate gamber and has fallen in love with a character at first sight
At a statue and a few ferns (by a waterfall into a blue lake)
They are harassed by another creature

Kazafya is an astonished human commoner with a damaged pair of glasses. She believes in invention and power and is currently reading a book
At a river with a verdant island (heavy rain is falling)
They are are guarding the route

Henoke is a glistening male orc cult fanatic with unique sense of style. He is fascinated by tales about fire and has information about a quest of the group
At a ruined tower. There is a pair of tall trees entwined with a wide well with a rope and bucket (there is the bones of an elf)
They are displaying the symbol of a local faction
Possibly... they have 1d4 Potions of Healing

Orvar Jassan is a tenacious tiefling bandit with fey-themed jewelry. They adore talking in Abyssal and are currently napping
At a brightly-painted monastery. There is a body hanging from a pole with a pinkish ring of mushrooms (close by is a hut)
They are playing a trick on someone


1 Druid named Fallond (dwarf)

They ask your help in performing a simple ritual
At a crumbling statue by a carved stone rock (nearby is a deep hole)
They are mutilated in some way

They ask your help in performing a simple ritual
At a patch of tended berries by a weathered rock (nearby is a half-built bridge across an overgrown stream)
They are are guarding a location

They are pulling a cart or other vehicle but there is no driver
At a low wall and a dirty statue (near a crumbling monument)
They are injured in some way (not at full health)
Possibly... they have 20 x Ammunition +1


1 Priest named Amber (dwarf)

They try to make friends with you
At a deep stream fed by a spring near a red ring of mushrooms (the sky is filled with clouds in strange shapes)
They are marked by a local faction

They are wearing a collar
At a dead hedge maze. There is a patch of tangled brambles with a deep stream (nearby is a jagged rock)
They are making a new home


1 Half-Ogre (Monster Manual p.238)

Ermo the Bear is a sad male half-ogre with ragged attire. He loves reciting poetry and seeks to slay a predatory duellist
At a group of yellow mushrooms (close by is a river)
They are waiting for something