D&D 5E Noncombat Encounter

Noncombat Encounters include creature groups, hazards and lone npcs. Maybe a lost lizardfolk, a forest fire or a talkative druid

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Kabbarg is a frustrated male elf archmage with an elderly beetle pet. He has an affinity for cats and is being spied on by a shapechanger
At a group of expensive tents and a pile of rocks (there is a rainbow)
They are fleeing a nearby danger

Jharthraxyn Thava is an insightful centaur berserker with elaborate piercings. He is always complaining about lizardfolk and is currently trying to predict the weather
At a mound of bright stones (someone has left a wooden pole)
They are laughing uncontrollably

Thoradin Foebleeder is an untrustworthy female hobgoblin acolyte with an odour of something dead. She has many friends and has gossip about a hated marshal
At a newly-built burial ground (which is in the area of a forbiddance spell)
They are displaying the symbol of a deity of festival
Possibly... they have a bronze idol of a fiend with amethysts for eyes (750 gp)


1 Spy

Inglyn Steelblast is a ferocious male kobold spy with an orcish nose ring. He likes singing loudly and is currently worshipping a diety of music
At a barren hill (nearby is thatched cabin)
They are playing a trick on someone
Possibly... they have Cartographer's tools

Vadania is a gruff female elf bandit captain holding a manger. She is a member of a circle of monsters and is being hunted by a bounty hunter
At a collapsed wizard's tower (which is near to a mordenkainen's magnificent mansion)
They are hiding from a nearby threat
Possibly... they have the deeds to a silver mine that is overrun by duergar

Longfang is a bored werewolf with half-covered runes on their face and chest. They are patient with others and seek to survive several attacks
At a shallow pool by a weak spring (there are a few otter skulls)
They are being stalked by something

Erevan Mystralath is a panicked male tiefling berserker with a furry frog companion. He is obsessed with dwarves and seeks to find a magic breastplate
At a sacred spring (currently there is thunder and lightning)
They are following a guide
Possibly... they have a Potion of Gaseous Form

They are having a discussion about politics and ask your opinion
At a slimy trench by a patch of edible flowers (there is a nest of insects)
They are serving a local monster

They have a saddle and follow you with a hopeful look
At an area of rock-strewn ground (there is an inquisitive group of flies approaching)
They are larger than normal (extra health)

Nuraval Kinbreaker is a flirtatious goblin thug with half-covered scars on their face and chest. They believe in work before play and have an old friendship with a character
At a patch of cultivated ferns near a haunted low wall (near a group of yellow fungi)
They are performing a ritual
Possibly... they have a Tan Bag of Tricks