D&D 5E Noncombat Encounter

Noncombat Encounters include creature groups, hazards and lone npcs. Maybe a lost lizardfolk, a forest fire or a talkative druid

terrain: sources:

Cica is an old orc assassin who smells of alcohol. They have a specific phobia and are currently looking at a moldy hand made from pine covered in twinkling stars
At a ruined cottage surrounded by moss (nearby is hovel)
They are finishing a migration
Possibly... they have a Rust Bag of Tricks

They are pulling a cart or other vehicle but there is no driver
At an abandoned campsite and a mound of stones (nearby is narrow hole)
They are fleeing a nearby threat

They are on a pilgrimage to a nearby shrine
At a barren hill (there are recent tracks of another creature nearby)
They are repairing something

Ianis is a pacifist male kenku guard with a drink in each hand. He has an insult for every occasion and is trying to set up a risky venture involving a magic item
At a group of red tents (the area has a magnificent view)
They are eating

Suhnae Iranapha is a handsome female triton guard with a basket of food. She believes in never backing down first and is currently looking at A small tree that exactly matches one in your homeland
At an overhanging cliff (there is a moderate breeze from the east)
They are spying on something