D&D 5E Noncombat Encounter

Noncombat Encounters include creature groups, hazards and lone npcs. Maybe a lost lizardfolk, a forest fire or a talkative druid

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1 Githyanki Knight (Monster Manual p.160)

Sekhmet is an untrustworthy githyanki knight with half-covered markings on their face. They are a proud cook and are currently singing
At a dusty mill (there is a rainbow)
They are playing a trick on someone
Possibly... they have a Weapon of Warning - glaive


1 Spy

Oppah Nackle is an athletic dragonborn spy with a glowing polearm. She loves carving with wood and is looking for a new place to call home
At an abandoned tomb and a powerful stream (by a mossy outcrop)
They are speaking with an impediment to an underling
Possibly... they have a Bag of Holding

Errich Goodearth is a regretful female kenku bandit captain with bloodied fingers. She is always talking about halflings and is a member of a rival faction
At a crumbling watchtower (the area is associated with life magic)
They are injured in some way (reduced speed)
Possibly... they have a Deck of Illusions with 1d3 cards

Gorev Nodov is an educated female lizardfolk bandit captain with gleaming orange hair that stands on end. She is always making something and is currently whispering to a friend
At a farm (close to a set of ruined stone steps leading up a steep slope)
They are creating some kind of art

They are having a contest and invite you to watch
At a pile of dirt surrounded by plants (nearby is an overgrown shrine protected by magic)
They are resting
Possibly... they have a Helm of Comprehend Languages

They are scared after their companions were killed by something nearby
At a polluted stream near a concealed sea cave entrance (close by is a pond with something shiny)
They are close to giving birth

They are making offerings to a local spirit and ask if you can contribute anything
At a mossy rock surrounded by moss (close by is an ivy-covered road)
They are carrying a body

Ling Meng is a discerning halfling archmage with a copper gull. They adore throwing things and are wanted for a crime
At a patch of spiky desert flowers surrounded by bare rock (close by is a runed cave entrance)
They are injured in some way (not at full health)
Possibly... they have a Brooch of Shielding

Kithri is a crafty human archmage with full body tattoos of fires. She is cursed by a spirit to a life of misery and is currently trying to predict the weather
At an area of colourful berries (there are several rocks)
They are intoxicated

Bareris is a slender female hobgoblin archmage with a gilded drum. She adores Three Dragon Ante and is having dreams of a warded wood
At an asylum. There is a pile of stone with a strange statue (there is an intact wagon)
They are washing themselves
Possibly... they have a suit of Glamored Studded Leather