Spooky DnD One-Shot Adventure

Adventure one-shot ideas for horror or Halloween. Assumed to take course over the an evening or night. Probably with a full moon.

The characters are gamblers gathering for a "special" competition. A characters is under a geas.
It is at a grove of trees used to hang criminals which has stone statues in every corner.
There are a family of criminals holding a funeral. And a vengeful warlock seeks to burn everything to the ground.
At some point it starts or stops snowing.
As the adventure progresses a great evil starts to escape its prison

The characters are players of a particular game gathering for a "special" competition. One or more characters are dressed in costumes.
It is at an abandoned palace which gives nightmares to any who try to sleep there.
There are a group of monster hunters seeking a wraith. And an imp seeks suitable servants for its patron.
At some point someone arrives in hooded robes.
As the adventure progresses people start to break into a terrible singing

The characters are a novice group of adventurers looking after the place for a night. A character is haunted by a harmless ghost.
It is at a grove of trees used to hang criminals which is home to many snakes.
There are a mismatched group of awakened animals choosing a leader. And a few creatures are inhabited by intellect devourers who seek new hosts.
At some point it starts or stops raining.
As the adventure progresses it gets colder and there is a snow storm

The characters are members of a crime family gathering for a meeting with the boss. One or more characters have cursed magic items.
It is at an ancient theater which has an secret evil shrine.
There are plant creatures creating a strange garden. And a hag is looking for a soul to complete a ritual.
At some point a portal to another realm opens.
As the adventure progresses people start dying in different ways

The characters are fugitives looking for somewhere to hide for the night. A character has a treasure map of the place, promising "a great reward".
It is at a hilltop mansion which is full of mirrors that sometimes show strange scenes.
There are local nobles and merchants gathered for a masquerade ball. And a bone naga is trying to gain entry to a sacred place guarded by wards.
At some point someone discovers a trail of blood.
As the adventure progresses people start to gather for a wedding