Spooky DnD One-Shot Adventure - Spooky

Adventure one-shot ideas for horror or Halloween. Assumed to take course over the an evening or night. Probably with a full moon.

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The characters are monsters looking for somewhere to hide for the night. A character has made an enemy of a local spellcaster.
It is at a legendary planar fortress which is infested with bats.
There are a coven of witches seeking a vampire. And a few creatures are inhabited by intellect devourers who seek new hosts.
At some point it starts or stops raining.
As the adventure progresses there is a series of murders

The characters are travelers looking for a night's shelter, after their coach had an accident. One or more characters are dressed in costumes.
It is at a dwarven stone arch which has eyes that follow visitors everywhere.
There are hooded slaad cultists initiating new members. And a pack of gremlins wants to investigate haunted ruins.
At some point someone discovers a trail of blood.
As the adventure progresses people start dying in different ways

The characters are working for the local ruler hunting a criminal. A character is being hunted by a farm.
It is at an underground vault which is home to several sinister cat.
There are a family of mimics who have recently moved in. And a famous poet is trying to finish a masterpiece by morning.
At some point there is roll of thunder and flash of lightning.
As the adventure progresses people start to break into a terrible chanting

The characters are cousins meeting up for a reunion. A character is a shapechanger.
It is at an annual fair which is covered in mists.
There are angry locals gathered for a masquerade ball. And there is a charismatic werewolf seeking to slay everyone by dawn.
At some point one or more of the characters has a vision.
As the adventure progresses creatures are possessed by a strange madness

The characters are players of a particular game gathering for a "special" competition. One or more characters has an inquisitive mount.
It is at an isolated village which has a sinister pentagram that only appears on this night each year.
There are bullywugs worshipping many-eyed creatures. And a nefarious scholar wants to explore a fortified golem factory.
At some point someone arrives in a strange costume.
As the adventure progresses signs of an apocalypse manifest