Spooky DnD One-Shot Adventure - Spooky

Adventure one-shot ideas for horror or Halloween. Assumed to take course over the an evening or night. Probably with a full moon.

The characters are friends and family witnessing a wedding. One or more characters has an inquisitive mount.
It is at a cursed lighthouse which is protected by an awakened wolf.
There are plant creatures creating a strange garden. And a vampire bound to the area is looking for a suitable partner.
At some point an old foe arrives.
As the adventure progresses people start to break into a terrible chanting

The characters are gamblers gathering for a "special" competition. A character is accompanied by an annoying friend.
It is at an academy on an island which is built on the site of an ancient graveyard.
There are angry locals talking of rebellion. And a creature here is possessed by a sentient berserker axe.
At some point there is a loud knocking on a door.
As the adventure progresses people start to gather for a funeral

The characters are gamblers gathering for a "special" competition. A character is celebrating a special anniversary.
It is at a night market which is full of mirrors that sometimes show strange scenes.
There are a family of lycanthropes who have recently moved in. And an deranged doctor seeks a way to restore their lover without divine magic.
At some point someone triggers a trap.
As the adventure progresses more and more zombies start to approach

The characters are cousins meeting up for a reunion. A character thinks another character is a shapechanger.
It is at an enchanted large statue which has many strange lights.
There are a pack of secretive ghouls worshipping many-eyed creatures. And a few creatures are inhabited by intellect devourers who seek new hosts.
At some point someone discovers a sacrificial chamber.
As the adventure progresses signs of an apocalypse manifest

The characters are a group of creators gathered for a special challenge.
It is at a cave complex which has a large network of passages underneath.
There are a family of werewolves getting ready for a hunt. And a succubus/incubus seeks to auction off a talking weapon.
At some point someone arrives in hooded robes.
As the adventure progresses the characters receive a series of visions