Spooky DnD One-Shot Adventure - Spooky

Adventure one-shot ideas for horror or Halloween. Assumed to take course over the an evening or night. Probably with a full moon.

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The characters are a group of ghost investigators with a covered wagon, investigating a mystery. One or more characters is currently cursed.
It is at a traveling circus which is disguised by a hallucinatory terrain.
There are a group of grells trying to stay undiscovered. And a famous artist is trying to finish a masterpiece by morning.
At some point they uncover a secret stockpile.
As the adventure progresses there are signs of a great evil approaching

The characters are gamblers gathering for a "special" competition. A character is celebrating a special anniversary.
It is at a derelict inn which has stone statues in every corner.
There are a group of grells having romantic difficulties. And a shadow dragon wants help entering from the Shadowfell.
At some point someone finds a clue.
As the adventure progresses a great evil starts to escape its prison

The characters are members of a faction gathering for a ritual. One or more characters are dressed in costumes.
It is at a hunting lodge in the woods which is home to several sinister owls.
There are a group of monster hunters playing a game. And a bone naga is trying to gain entry to a sacred place guarded by wards.
At some point there is a change of location.
As the adventure progresses it gets colder and there is a snow storm

The characters are local villagers spending the night here on a dare. A character is accompanied by an annoying friend.
It is at an abandoned palace which has a sinister pentagram that only appears on this night each year.
There are local nobles and merchants enjoying intoxicating mushrooms. And the spirit of a necromancer is trying to escape from a crystal ball.
At some point someone finds a mysterious note.
As the adventure progresses people start to gather for a funeral

The characters are gamblers gathering for a "special" competition. Two of the characters are friendly rivals.
It is at a market on a large ship which is covered in mists.
There are plant creatures creating a strange garden. And an imp seeks suitable servants for its patron.
At some point someone finds a mysterious riddle.
As the adventure progresses more and more things light on fire