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WFRP Dwarf Beer


This Bronzefist is full-bodied
Redbarrel has a bitter aroma and is often served with a dash of blackcurrent. This one has a circle made in the foam
The legendary Blacktankard has a rich aroma
Nazril's Cream Import has a zesty scent
The famous Icepass is best served on fire
Beltsmiter has a lasting aftertaste. This one has been watered-down
Belgul's Draught Mead has a cultivated aroma and is sought after by Estalians
Stoutfoam has a stale aftertaste. This one is cold
Gollenriga's Special Import has a mild scent and is infamous in Bretonnia
The renowned Wolfslayer is favoured by priests of Ranald. This one smells like butterscotch

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