WFRP Dwarf Beer

Greenbeard Export has a woody taste. This one sticks to the glass
Goldglass Bitter smells like urine. This one has a ring at the bottom
The incredible Zaramin's Dry Stout is favoured by cultists. This one smells like sewage
Stoutmountain Bitter smells like yeast. This one has a die at the bottom
Deepbarrel has an unfortunate flavour. This one has something drawn in the foam
Bronki's Bubbling Porter has a pleasant taste. This one has no head
Athrannir's Fiery Import has an alcoholic taste followed by a sweet aftertaste
Stonefall Porter has an alcoholic flavour
This Oldhorn is flat
Gador's Bubbling Export is traditionally served with a pie. This one has lots of bubbles