WFRP Dwarf Beer

This Ironbarrel Stout has a very dark colour
Ullaskina's Hot Beer has a brackish flavour and is favoured by cultists
Thorazad's Imperial Ale smells like caramel
Burrik's Imperial Bitter smells like tombstones. This one is flat
Mokri's Imperial Ale is favoured by soldiers. This one has lots of bubbles
Gakragella's Amber Ale is an acquired taste. This one has a letter made in the foam
Thoradrinella's Hot Brew comes in bottles. This one is very fizzy
Bladecrusher Ale is traditionally served with a dash of blackcurrent. This one glows faintly
Ghostbeard Beer has a refreshing aroma and is used as rat-poison
Oathfall Ale causes memory loss. This one has a fern drawn in the foam