WFRP Dwarf Beer

Dwarf beers, stouts, ales served from mountain holds, human lands and worldwide. [wfrp] [tavern]

The historic Dwalmin's Brown Porter is infamous in several dwarfholds. This one has a refreshing flavour
The revered Gollendil's Cold Import has a bitter odour
Grimfoam causes an outbreak of songs
Fimfina's Golden Ale is favoured by followers of Sigmar. This one has a perfect head
This Oldhorn Stout has an unusual colour
Mogroma's Draught Porter has a rich odour
Redpass Porter smells like caramel. This one has a letter created in the foam
Bullcrusher Porter causes excessive flatulence. This one is hot
Elfsbane Bitter has a complex tang. This one is very creamy
Icehold Bitter has a unique flavour. This one has sludge at the bottom