WFRP Dwarf Beer

Dwarf beers, stouts, ales served from mountain holds, human lands and worldwide.

Skarzora's Craft Mead has a woody taste. This one has specks floating in it
The historic Zombieblaster Bitter is favoured by soldiers. This one has a mouldy taste followed by an earthy aftertaste
Fireaxe Ale has a buttery taste followed by a salty aftertaste and is favoured by cultists
Goblinblinder Import comes in bottles. This one has a brown colour
Anvilburner Brew has a bitter flavour and doesn't travel well
Redpeak Ale has several songs about it. This one is an unusual colour
The renowned Shadowhold Export has a smoky flavour
Whitetorch has a leathery taste followed by an oaty aftertaste and is often served with a pie. This one has sludge at the bottom
Iceaxe Ale has an acidic flavour. This one has sludge at the bottom
Groinmelter tastes like roast meat and is usually served with spirits. This one is very creamy