WFRP Dwarf Beer

Bullglass Ale has a refreshing scent. This one has a brown colour
Ratslayer Stout has a foul aftertaste. This one has a fern made in the foam
Kazadora's Wild Cider smells like butterscotch. This one has a strange film on top
Blackpeak Stout has an acidic flavour and is favoured by sailors
Greatfroth Malt has a complex flavour and is used as rat-poison
Silversmith Mead is favoured by stevedores
Gollengun's Traditional Stout has a leathery scent and is sought after by Estalians. This one sticks to the glass
Brightbeard Porter has an earthy odour. This one is very fizzy
Shadowpeak Export is sought after by Tileans. This one is thin-bodied
This Stoneblade has an unusual colour