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WFRP Dwarf Beer

Notina's Cream Beer has a metallic aftertaste and is usually served with a pie. This one has specks floating in it
Everpass has a light tang. This one has sludge at the bottom
The legendary Earthmace is favoured by followers of Shallya
This Ogrebleeder Mead has a reddish colour
Nunskinella's Smoked Beer is favoured by cultists. This one has a coin at the bottom
Easthammer Stout smells like urine and has been brewed for thousands of years. This one has a circle made in the foam
Steelhelm has a sour scent. This one glows faintly
Lizardsmiter Export is infamous in many dwarfholds
Grimhammer has a vomit-inducing flavour
This Coldhorn has lots of bubbles

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