WFRP Dwarf Beer

Dwarf beers, stouts, ales served from mountain holds, human lands and worldwide.

Redstone Export has a mouldy aftertaste and is famous in Bretonnia. This one has a reddish colour
The famous Nogil's Red Ale smells like barley
The celebrated Hakri's Exploding Export is usually served with meat. This one has a rich scent
Ratcleaver is famous in Middenheim. This one is cold
Griffonsbane Mead is traditionally served with meat. This one is cold
Okamira's Sweet Ale has a floral odour. This one has insects floating in it
Doombarrel Export sometimes causes weird visions
Goldhelm smells like caramel and is an acquired taste. This one is thin-bodied
The legendary Hydrajaw Malt has a minty scent
Frosthome has a powdery aroma and is famous in Barak-Var. This one has blood floating in it