WFRP Dwarf Beer

Dwarf beers, stouts, ales served from mountain holds, human lands and worldwide.

Lungsmiter tastes like sulphur and is toxic to non-dwarves
Grimtankard Stout is usually served with meat
The notorious Southpass Export is dangerous to non-dwarves. This one has a stale scent
Wolfkeeper Beer has a powdery flavour
This Groinforger sticks to the glass
Hegamira's Lime Cider has a sweet aroma and is favoured by farmers. This one has a hair floating in it
This Braintwister Import is full-bodied
This Bullblinder has been watered-down
This Fagina's Cream Import is light-bodied
The fabled Skorarun's Exploding Ale is usually served with spirits