Elgona Kragborasniz is an attractive dwarf female stevedore with a curious smell. She tends to speak too quickly to a pet
She loves to speak in rhyme and is captivated by a romantic interest
She has an old rivalry with a PC

Eleanor Meusmann is a large human female mystic with snaggly teeth. She tends to be playing a board game
She is suspicious of others and is a skilled actor and master of disguise
She is part of a secret cult

Ranald Mohr is an athletic human male initiate with a scar. He tends to stare off into the distance
He hates boats and is fluent in several languages
He has heard bad things about a PC

Andomor Foamheart is an obese high elf female smuggler with a large mole. She tends to fidget alot
She is a skilled actor and master of disguise and has the motivation - Enjoy each day
She has unfinished business with a PC

Hardina Molagarasniz is a bad-smelling dwarf female bailiff with a small bald patch. She tends to pace up and down
She hates singing and has the motivation - Relieve boredom
She has a shameful or scandalous history