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With a missing digit, Talunda Shaumer is an ancient tracker. They are obsessed with books and have the same goal as a character
Magnus Meyer is a clumsy male human illusionist with a peculiar grin. He believes in the importance of invention and is currently ranting at friends
Nunnir Belaginsson is a smiling ostler wearing an expensive white hat and a curious smell. They love cooking and are currently offering everyone a game of cards
Willmutch (Pistol) is a nefarious male fence covered in old scars and a tattoo. He is in a messy relationship and seeks to find a bronze orb
With a bear costume and a distinctive gait, Ulli Gebauer is a restless human spearman. He is loyal to a sinister patron and has is a secret worshipper of a chaos god
Gudgrondella Dorakyasniz is a nervous dwarf goldsmith with strange-coloured eyes and snaggly teeth. They dislike undead and have information about a quest of the group
Sebastian is a smart human sailor with a broken nose. He is fascinated by their pets and seeks new experiences to record in their journal
Talecht is a responsible hedge witch with a battered holy symbol. They have strong beliefs around invention and have a warning for a character
Lucinda Lebengut is an awed horse archer holding a musical instrument and a tattoo. They have pride in their appearance and are currently resting
With a lazy eye, Hans Meyer is a nosy thug. He dislikes jokes and is currently doing something illegal