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Renata Steiner is a thickset human female toll keeper with a strange coloured eye. She tends to be playing at cards
She despises pies and is terrified of shadows
She has a request of a PC

Admund Hofstetter is a friendly human male warden with a ragged ear. He tends to be writing a novel
He likes gunpowder and always speaks loudly
He is part of a group that dislikes the PCs

Konradin Mohr is a short human male innkeeper with an earring. He tends to tug or pull at hair or a beard
He likes painting and is collecting weapons from across the land
He has committed a secret crime or misdeed

Ingrid Gaffwig is a tired human female hustler with an earring. She tends to pace up and down
She despises pies and is on a personal quest for enlightenment
She has invented a new piece of equipment and is looking for test subject

Tilea Ehrhard is a friendly human female pistolier with a large mole. She tends to be cleaning a weapon
She is always asking questions and is dismissive of others
She enjoys decadent pleasures

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