An npc using a 3-line format without stats

Dema Breitnback is a tall human female trapper with a ragged ear. She tends to be making new friends
She hates drawing and has the motivation - Share knowledge
She has a shameful or scandalous history

Norankya Zarzorasdottir is an old dwarf female engineer with a broken nose. She tends to pace up and down
She loves to speak in rhyme and has the motivation - Keep calm
She has a powerful enemy

Morrileann is a sleepy high elf female student with a lazy eye. She tends to be painting
She despises cats and is trying to marry off their eldest son
She has a powerful enemy

Hildric Schultz is a thickset human male guard with an earring. He tends to tap their fingers
He loves dwarfs and is hot-tempered with others
He posesses forbidden lore

Ulli Wirtz is an obese human male interrogator with a missing digit. He tends to chew on an object
He loves painting and is always picking a fight
He is a former lover of one of the PCs

Nunbina Grolokasdottir is an agile dwarf female miner with snaggly teeth. She tends to looking for a good time
She is angered by elves and has the motivation - Beauty
She has a message for a PC

Wilryn Schuster is an angry human female brigand with a scar. She tends to tell jokes to friends
She hates singing and has the motivation - Freedom
She has a connection to a quest or mission of the PCs

Goltroka Karganasdottir is a big dwarf female crossbowman with a scar. She tends to tell stories of adventure
She is captivated by a romantic interest and has the motivation - Floating like a leaf
She is an old friend of a PC

Thoragrund Logazgarsnev is a mature dwarf male artisan with a nose ring. He tends to be running
He loves drawing and is a devout worshipper of Taal
He enjoys decadent pleasures

Talima Liess is a wild-eyed human female outlaw with a scar. She tends to swear at friends
She likes elven wine and has the motivation - It is fate
She has a message for a PC