Alric Delfholt is a muscular human male mystic with a ruddy face. He tends to pace up and down
He is angered by drawing and has the motivation - Show-off
He is a former lover of one of the PCs

Kirstyn Grunenwald is a pale human female beggar with a tattoo. She tends to gossip about others
She loves wierdroot and is looking for a business partner
She is a secret worshipper of a chaos god

Engelbrecht Beyer is an elderly human male seaman with snaggly teeth. He tends to shout at friends
He loves cooking and has the motivation - Rising above others
He has a friend in common with a PC

Drachilda Eschlimann is a bald human female riverwarden with pox marks. She tends to be writing a novel
She loves juggling and is reckless
She has an overpowering greed

Thurazora Snoratrokasdottir is a wounded dwarf female runner with strange-coloured eyes. She tends to be exercising
She despises wierdroot and is very protective of a family member
She has an easy job for the PCs