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Gropia (Flipper) is a small halfling female rat catcher with a missing nail. She tends to whisper to themself
She loves cats and has the motivation - Logic
She is an old friend of a PC

Eloise Baer is a sinister human female road warden with a large mole. She tends to be exercising
She is a devout worshipper of Sigmar and is protective of a valuable possession
She enjoys decadent pleasures

Loby (Pluck) Crumbuckle is an agile halfling male racketeer with an earring. He tends to be looking for an argument or fight
He is an outcast from their society and is in disguise (for imaginary reasons)
He has information about a goal of a PC

Torsairian Goldenhair is an attractive wood elf male envoy with a curious smell. He tends to chew on an object
He despises dogs and is trying to marry off their eldest son
He has a friend in common with a PC

Sebastian (Seb) is a wild-eyed halfling male cook with a lazy eye. He tends to be flirting
He hates cooking and has the motivation - Repaying a debt
He is knowledgeable about the local area

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