Chundodoc is a large halfling male charcoal burner with a nose ring. He tends to be crying over a misfortune
He is out for revenge and is always complaining about the local ruler(s)
He has information about the PC's short or long term goal

Elemor Goldenhair is an athletic wood elf female outlaw with a nose ring. She tends to pace up and down
She is curious about others and has the motivation - Imprison another
She is susceptible to romance

Petronella (Petra) Dogberry is a tired halfling female physician with a large mole. She tends to spread rumours
She is captivated by a romantic interest and has the motivation - Respect
She has a bet for a PC

Kaddin Eladinsson is a squinting dwarf male tax collector with a tattoo. He tends to chew on an object
He hates elves and has the motivation - Pride
He has a powerful phobia

Friedrun Baumann is a one-armed human female shopkeeper with snaggly teeth. She tends to be doing something illegal
She likes elves and has the motivation - Example to others
She enjoys decadent pleasures