No-stats WFRP npcs

type: ancestry:

Ingrund Kalb is a rebellious human soldier covered in fresh scars. She is in disguise for good reason and has has unfinished business with a character
Skalftoka Thrungrothasniz is a gloomy dwarf with an exquisite diadem. She believes dance is appropriate at any time and is currently distributing leaflets
With an odour of smoke, Gudrag Othrazorsnev is a wild male dwarf. He adores dancing and has an old rivalry a character
Karruna Riese is an ethical archer with an artisan's costume. They are always seeking out shrines and are currently speaking in a high voice to Wobbles Ubblur, a scarred tax collector
Yvdda Treeshaper is a promiscuous elf cartwright with a lazy eye. They believe jaguars are better than people and are trying to interest people in a wanted poster
Aelbrier is a strong-willed male elf holding a musical instrument and colorful clothing. He dislikes relying on others and has a warning for a character
Urica Wechslter is a drunk human wearing expensive clothes. She adores swimming and is a renowned expert on lizards
Tharzor Firengrondsson is a tired scholar with a white tabard and a prominent jaw. He believes in having a good time and has an old friendship with a character
With a large squirrel pet and scarred hands, Skorgrom Duraksson is a rugged male cadet. He adores tales of past battles and is currently celebrating something
Reikhilda Drauwulf is an emotional apothecary with a partially-shaved head. She is drawn to a historic site and is currently ranting at strangers