An npc using a 3-line format without stats [wfrp] [npcs]

Haly Longbelt is a small halfling female scout with a missing digit. She tends to speak slowly to a pet
She is honest with others and is curious about others
She is related to a PC (or friend of a relation)

Meinhart Netzhoch is a thickset human male herbalist with a ruddy face. He tends to bite their fingernails
He likes painting and has the motivation - Be respected
He has a powerful phobia

Jekil Meusmann is an old human male lawyer with a wart. He tends to tap their fingers
He is great with children and is drawn to a particular special place
He has information about or rival or enemy of the PCs

Flacfast is a bad-smelling halfling male rat catcher with pox marks. He tends to fidget alot
He hates gunpowder and is a very good listener
He has a connection to a quest or mission of the PCs

Lilfast (Carrot) Crumbly is an angry halfling male thug with a large mole. He tends to be crying over a misfortune
He loves pies and is quiet around others
He has information about a goal of a PC

Ferdinand (Fred) Harfoot is a muscular halfling male tax collector with a tattoo. He tends to be flirting
He likes elven wine and has the motivation - Save another
He enjoys decadent pleasures

Lupus Herz is a bald human male runner with an earring. He tends to be reading a book
He despises pies and is suspicious of others
He has heard bad things about a PC

Ithlis Tendersong is a distracted high elf male hunter with a ragged ear. He tends to be asking for money
He likes long stories and has the motivation - Hatred of ….
He has fallen in love with a PC at first sight and will become obsessive

Gerner Herzog is a distracted human male prospector with a broken nose. He tends to be running
He is angered by pets and has the motivation - Fight corruption
He has a powerful enemy

Rozhilda Lankdorf is a bald human female herbalist with a ruddy face. She tends to speak with an impediment to friends
She despises elves and has the motivation - Tradition
She is knowledgeable about the local area