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Alicia Kalb is a sinister human female apothecary with missing eyebrows. She tends to gossip about others
She hates singing and has the motivation - Hide someone's past
She has information about a rival or enemy of a PC

Willelma Neumann is a happy human female bounty hunter with a ragged ear. She tends to talk to themself
She despises elven wine and is dismissive of others
She is trying to sell a normal item as "blessed" or "magical"

Othraskinella Olladrinellasdottir is a distracted dwarf female trader with pox marks. She tends to offer everyone a game of cards
She is friendly with others and is an outspoken supporter of unpopular views
She has a friend in common with a PC

Logazgrunt Belagunsson is a large dwarf male mercenary with a distinctive gait. He tends to speak too quickly to anyone who will listen
He is a devout worshipper of Rhya and is in disguise (for imaginary reasons)
He has a connection to a quest or mission of the PCs

Ulfred Zumwald is a pale human male hunter with strange-coloured eyes. He tends to tap their fingers
He is protective of a valuable possession and has the motivation - Rising above others
He has a rival they want killed

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