Helga Bischof is an athletic human female lawyer with a distinctive gait. She tends to be writing a novel
She despises making impersonations and is very protective of a family member
She has information about a rival or enemy of a PC

Ulli Reichert is a tired human male spy with a ruddy face. He tends to be reading a book
He is angered by dwarfs and has the motivation - Become wealthy
He has a request of a PC

Reiner Konig is an attractive human male crossbowman with a ragged ear. He tends to shout at friends
He despises painting and is trying to marry off their eldest daughter
He has invented a new piece of equipment and is looking for test subject

Adelyn Reifsneider is an ugly human female priest with a lazy eye. She tends to speak loudly to friends
She loves one particular game and is a member of the local criminal underworld
She has information about the PC's short or long term goal

Svenfin Kadgarsson is a cheerful dwarf male agitator with a missing digit. He tends to tap their fingers
He is angered by painting and is collecting weapons from across the land
He has fallen in love with a PC at first sight and will become obsessive

Meiner Frueh is a sleepy human male noble with a ruddy face. He tends to be playing an instrument
He is on a personal quest for vengeance and is suspicious of others
He has a powerful phobia

Gertraud Allenstag is an ugly human female lawyer with a lazy eye. She tends to rant at friends
She likes cooking and has the motivation - Fight Chaos
She has an overpowering greed

Ethelind Wirtz is a wild-eyed human female outlaw with a large mole. She tends to be exercising
She is an outcast from their society and is friendly with others
She has a family member they want killed

Merwick (Floater) is a pale halfling male spy with a missing eyebrow. He tends to spread rumours
He loves boats and is drawn to a particular special place
He enjoys decadent pleasures

Tharbor Grogrimsson is a pale dwarf male messenger with a missing digit. He tends to gossip about others
He despises wierdroot and has the motivation - End the pain
He has a friend in common with a PC