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Farrallaine is a flamboyant wood elf male trapper with a missing nail. He tends to stare off into the distance
He likes dogs and has the motivation - knowledge of magic
He has heard bad things about a PC

Wolfhilda Becker is a stout human female tax collector with an earring. She tends to be playing a board game
She is fluent in several languages and is very open-minded
She has a powerful enemy

Elsath is an attractive wood elf female advisor with a tattoo. She tends to be cleaning a weapon
She hates ogres and is very protective of a family member
She is knowledgeable about the local area

Heleleth is a small wood elf female advisor with a huge nose. She tends to be asking for money
She is angered by pets and is obsessed with food
She has an urge to start fires

Galazil Gollokasdottir is a squinting dwarf female duellist with a scar. She tends to be moaning about life
She likes ogres and is quiet around others
She has an easy job for the PCs

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