Halfling, human and dwarf made pies for every occasion. [wfrp] [tavern]

Boar & Mint Pie: The boar in this pie is seasoned with a heavy dose of mint, and cooked in an apple sauce.
Ham and Apple Pie: This pie has a filling of apples, cloves, ham and cream, usually alongside a healthy dose of herbs.
Tilmann’s Special: originally made by a miner, coming on a thick, gooey base, filled with fish and a mystery meat, rounded off with nuts, cauliflower and cinnamon.
Shoofly Pie: The pastry base of this pie is covered in a layer of sweet, gooey molasses, beneath a crumb topping.
Snail Pie: A thick crust encases snails (or possibly slugs) in scrambled egg heavily laced with garlic.
Estalian Tart: Subject of several rude jokes, this pie is baked on a sweetbread crust, topped with almonds mixed with honey and cream
Strawberry Pie: This pie has a pastry base and a healthy covering of strawberries topped in some sort of cream.
Cheese Pie: A thin pastry is filled with layers of at least three cheeses, with tomatoes and nuts mixed in.
Strigany Lemon Pie: This pie contains a layer of chopped lemons still with the rind, topped by a sugary sauce.
Custard Pie: This simple pie is a sweet pastry base enclosing a thick custard filling.