Cream Pie: A sweet biscuit base is topped by a mass of some sort of cream.
Mushrooms and Herb Pie: This pie is made of shortcrust pastry and contains mushrooms mixed with a thick dairy sauce.
Old Stir Pie: A recipe from the dawn of the Empire, this rye-crusted pie contains goat cheese and honey
Treacle Tart: Guaranteed to pacify almost any angry halfling, this tart has a latticed top over a filling of treacle mixed with breadcrumbs and lemon.
Butter Tart: A simple pie with a filling of sugar, eggs and butter. A lucky consumer may also find raisins, walnuts or dates
Bretonnian Special: Chopped frogs, snails and onions are mixed into a strong creamy garlic sauce.
Baker’s Surprise: This pie has a thin pastry crust and some sort of fish. The surprise is a mystery meat and an additional “prize”, a fortune message such as a wellbeing message, tarot card or holy quote
Shred Pie: Liver meat filling with boiled egg, ginger and dried fruit in a sweet pastry casing.
Frog Pie: Inside a thin base are battered frogs mixed with an onion and mushroom sauce.
Meat and Kidney Pie: Cow’s kidney (probably) is combined with a medley of meats alongside a parsley and onion sauce in a well-cooked pie.