Halfling, human and dwarf made pies for every occasion.

Plum Pie: Chopped plums mixed with lemon juice, cinnamon and nutmeg provide the filling of this pie.
Shoofly Pie: The pastry base of this pie is covered in a layer of sweet, gooey molasses, beneath a crumb topping.
Lemon Meringue: Contained on a shortbread pastry, this pie has a lemon curd filling and fluffy meringue topping.
Mushrooms and Herb Pie: This pie is made of shortcrust pastry and contains mushrooms mixed with a thick dairy sauce.
Fish and Port Pie: Some sort of fish has been soaked in a sauce mostly containing port, and seasoned with a plentiful amount of herbs.
Gala Pie: A latticed pastry top contains pork and pork jelly with two or three hard-boiled eggs in the centre.
Onion Tart: Baked on a shortcrust pastry base, this tart is topped by a mass of onions flavoured with nutmeg, sugar and cheese.
Strawberry Pie: This pie has a pastry base and a healthy covering of strawberries topped in some sort of cream.
Prune Pie: Inside the thick pastry crust are crushed prunes sweetened with a healthy amount of honey.
Boar & Mint Pie: The boar in this pie is seasoned with a heavy dose of mint, and cooked in an apple sauce.