Mincemeat Pie: This double-crusted pie has minced rabbit in it.
Onion Tart: Baked on a shortcrust pastry base, this tart is topped by a mass of onions flavoured with nutmeg, sugar and cheese.
Estalian Tart: Subject of several rude jokes, this pie is baked on a sweetbread crust, topped with almonds mixed with honey and cream
Cheese and Onion Pie: This pie has a filling of shredded cheese and large slices of onion.
Beef and Beer Pie: This pie is heavily stacked with beef soaked in local ale, enclosed by a lid of shortcrust pastry
Garlic Pie: This pie has a thick crust and a creamy sauce inside with an overpowering dose of garlic.
Steak Pie: Stewed steak and sausages are covered in gravy and encased in pastry to form a traditional pie.
Snail Pie: A thick crust encases snails (or possibly slugs) in scrambled egg heavily laced with garlic.
Cream Pie: A sweet biscuit base is topped by a mass of some sort of cream.
Plum Pie: Chopped plums mixed with lemon juice, cinnamon and nutmeg provide the filling of this pie.