Halfling, human and dwarf made pies for every occasion.

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Uncle’s Rat Pie: A whole rat is cooked inside the pie, alongside onions and various nuts.
Rabbit Pie: This pie has a filling of grilled coney, cooked alongside bacon, apple and onions.
Garlic Pie: This pie has a thick crust and a creamy sauce inside with an overpowering dose of garlic.
Rhubarb Crumble: Chopped rhubarb is sweetened by a healthy dose of sugar and encased in pastry
Shepherd’s Pie: Pioneered by a halfling chef, this pie is cooked with a minced rat meat and onion base and topped with the vegetable known as “potato”, a recent arrival from Lustria.
Lime Tart: On a crushed biscuit base is a topping of lime juice, lime rind and some sort of cream.
Ham and Apple Pie: This pie has a filling of apples, cloves, ham and cream, usually alongside a healthy dose of herbs.
Dieters’ Fish Pie: A medley of trout, haddock and bream mixed with peas and sweetcorn, baked with a sauce heavily leavened with rum.
Smoked Salmon Tart: A light, crispy and flaky base offsets the smoked salmon and rich cream filling, flavoured with nutmeg.
Plum Pie: Chopped plums mixed with lemon juice, cinnamon and nutmeg provide the filling of this pie.