Clementia Godtgraf is a wounded human female swordman with a distinctive gait. She tends to be doing something illegal
She is always complaining about the local ruler(s) and has the motivation - Gain recognition
She posesses forbidden lore

Eltin Borlunsnev is an agile dwarf male vagabond with a wart. He tends to cough and sneeze
He despises wierdroot and has the motivation - Fascination with death
He is a secret worshipper of a chaos god

Hans Lebengut is a young human male watchman with pox marks. He tends to spread rumours
He is a fanatic of Morr and has the motivation - Faithful
He has knowledge about a rare item or local legend

Gisbert Reiss is an elderly human male watchman with a ragged ear. He tends to spread rumours
He is curious about others and is hot-tempered with others
He has invented a new piece of equipment and is looking for test subject

Hakkrina Faganasdottir is an old dwarf female artisan with snaggly teeth. She tends to bite their fingernails
She hates long stories and always talks about the same subject
She no true wealth but appears as if they do

Fimakri Fargilsson is a muscular dwarf male stevedore with an earring. He tends to be crying over a misfortune
He hates gunpowder and is always complaining about the local ruler(s)
He has an urge to start fires

Sigrid Durrbein is a clumsy human female herald with a missing digit. She tends to be making new friends
She is trying to find out how to join a secret cult and has the motivation - Enjoys pain
She has a shameful or scandalous history

Elgora Hakatokasdottir is an alert dwarf female militia with a missing digit. She tends to be on the lookout for witches
She hates swimming and is positive about everything
She has a message for a PC

Balagruntina Roranborasdottir is a small dwarf female envoy with a lazy eye. She tends to speak in a high voice to anyone who will listen
She is angered by dancing and has the motivation - Nation
She has information about a rival or enemy of a PC

Agathe Gebauer is a wild-eyed human female thug with a nose ring. She tends to be asking for money
She is a devout worshipper of Rhya and is curious about others
She has information about the PC's short or long term goal