Hurfya Roginasdottir is an old dwarf female handgunner with a small bald patch. She tends to stare off into the distance
She hates pets and has the motivation - Always learning
She has a friend in common with a PC

Katerine Adelhof is an attractive human female interrogator with a wart. She tends to looking for a good time
She hates boats and is a skilled actor and master of disguise
She is brave to the point of foolishness

Zamagina Fimlunasdottir is a cheerful dwarf female spearman with a ruddy face. She tends to make predictions of doom to anyone who will listen
She is a member of the local criminal underworld and is looking for a business partner
She is brave to the point of foolishness

Hadred Drauwulf is a well-dressed human male interrogator with pox marks. He tends to swear at anyone who will listen
He is angered by one particular game and is seeking a way out of an unhappy marriage
He has information about a rival or enemy of a PC

Talima Oberholtzer is a wild-eyed human female merchant with a huge nose. She tends to spend hours meditating
She likes pets and is trying to drink away bad memories
She has a friend in common with a PC

Aesfin is an old high elf male pit fighter with a tattoo. He tends to be on the lookout for witches
He likes boats and has the motivation - Floating like a leaf
He has a forbidden love that is socially unacceptable

Cogberry is an elderly halfling female herder with pox marks. She tends to be flirting
She hates animals and has the motivation - Family
She has unfinished business with a PC

Hildegund Drakenhof is a sleepy human female herder with a broken nose. She tends to be playing a board game
She is always making jokes and puns and has the motivation - Selfish
She has a shameful or scandalous history

Alnina Grogellasdottir is a dirty dwarf female pilot with a nose ring. She tends to fidget alot
She is on a personal quest for vengeance and has the motivation - Miser
She is spying for a rival or enemy of the group

Emmalyn Neumann is an agitated human female demilancer with a lazy eye. She tends to whistle to themself
She is loyal to a patron or employer and always speaks loudly
She has a request of a PC