Adelle Widmann is an agitated human female noble with pox marks. She tends to spend hours meditating
She is collecting charms from across the land and has the motivation - Fortune
She is trying to sell a normal item as "blessed" or "magical"

Ragen Dahmbach is an ugly human male herald with a tattoo. He tends to stare off into the distance
He is angered by animals and is boastful around others
He has invented a new piece of equipment and is looking for test subject

Sigismunda Grunenwald is an athletic human female investigator with a huge nose. She tends to be moaning about life
She has a strong tolerance for alcohol and has the motivation - Perfectionist
She is a secret worshipper of a chaos god

Ottilda Lankdorf is an ugly human female merchant with an earring. She tends to be playing an instrument
She loves singing and is honest with others
She enjoys decadent pleasures

Olbrecht Scherer is a cheerful human male warden with a ragged ear. He tends to tug or pull at hair or a beard
He is angered by cooking and has the motivation - Travel the lands
He has information about the PC's short or long term goal

Sigismunda Dahmbach is a scarred human female trader with a wart. She tends to be reading a book
She is angered by drawing and has the motivation - Start a family
She is a former lover of one of the PCs

Therese Tolzen is a tired human female archer with a ragged ear. She tends to be playing at cards
She is always asking questions and is always complaining about the local ruler(s)
She has heard bad things about a PC

Ottagunda (Otta) Gumbucket is a clumsy halfling female toll keeper with a distinctive gait. She tends to fidget alot
She despises dwarfs and has the motivation - Purify self
She is an old friend of a PC

Siegmund (Siggy) is a limping halfling male seaman with a missing nail. He tends to be offering illegal goods
He despises juggling and has the motivation - Become wealthy
He no true wealth but appears as if they do

Sieger Adelhof is a sad human male runner with a huge nose. He tends to be writing a novel
He is very open-minded and has the motivation - Build a legacy
He is a secret worshipper of a chaos god