Enddda Willowlimb is an attractive wood elf male herbalist with a large mole. He tends to be doing something illegal
He hates making impersonations and has the motivation - Lust
He has a message for a PC

Hegarunella Elagrumasdottir is a limping dwarf female shopkeeper with a ragged ear. She tends to speak too quickly to a pet
She hates solving problems and has the motivation - I'm the best
She has heard bad things about a PC

Gropapple (Whisper) Neddly is an ugly halfling female trader with a ruddy face. She tends to be crying over a misfortune
She likes solving problems and is a skilled actor and master of disguise
She has a shameful or scandalous history

Frity (Buster) Dimmock is a small halfling male brigand with a huge nose. He tends to be running
He is superstitious about everything and is drawn to a particular special place
He enjoys decadent pleasures

Sigismunda Veit is a cheerful human female clerk with a strange coloured eye. She tends to be playing at cards
She is rude to others and has the motivation - Community
She is a secret worshipper of a chaos god

Lawing Goldenhair is a sinister high elf female seaman with a nose ring. She tends to be napping
She loves pies and is always talking about their children
She has a request of a PC

Drubalot Dogberry is an attractive halfling female sergeant with a broken nose. She tends to be distributing leaflets
She loves elven wine and has the motivation - Keep calm
She has an easy job for the PCs

Talric Silverspray is a wild-eyed high elf female seaman with a distinctive gait. She tends to be distributing leaflets
She is looking for a new relationship and has the motivation - Lawful
She has a powerful enemy

Kazgan Hakkragsson is a dirty dwarf male ostler with a broken nose. He tends to be painting
He is fueding with a neighbour over something petty and has the motivation - Teach others
He has frequent fits of rage

Greimold Steiner is a one-armed human male road warden with snaggly teeth. He tends to be moaning about life
He hates drawing and has the motivation - Share knowledge
He is a secret worshipper of a chaos god