Gretchen Grunenwald is a tall human female thief with a wart. She tends to be crying over a misfortune
She is a devout worshipper of Myrmidia and is protective of a valuable possession
She is an old friend of a PC

Kragriga Gimlinasdottir is a friendly dwarf female miner with a huge nose. She tends to spread rumours
She is looking for a new relationship and is drawn to a particular special place
She has a request of a PC

Dottodoc (Chunk) is a muscular halfling male militia with a small bald patch. He tends to be playing a board game
He is dismissive of others and is terrified of shadows
He has information about a goal of a PC

Norlwyth Fleetriver is an agitated high elf male seaman with a broken nose. He tends to speak with an impediment to friends
He despises making impersonations and is boastful around others
He is trying to sell a normal item as "blessed" or "magical"

Talecht Shaumer is a distracted human male watchman with pox marks. He tends to be on the lookout for witches
He likes boats and has the motivation - Curiosity
He has heard bad things about a PC