Renata Nuhr is an angry human female innkeeper with a small bald patch. She tends to whistle to themself
She likes cooking and is in disguise (for good reasons)
She has committed a secret crime or misdeed

Seiger Neumann is an obese human male brigand with pox marks. He tends to tell jokes to anyone who will listen
He is angered by cooking and has the motivation - Share knowledge
He is a secret worshipper of a chaos god

Hartella (Dander) Widgeon is a flamboyant halfling female apothecary with a nose ring. She tends to spend hours meditating
She is always picking a fight and has the motivation - Truthseeker
She is related to a PC (or friend of a relation)

Eldred Nachtmann is a tired human male protagonist with an earring. He tends to speak in a low voice to strangers
He likes cats and is collecting tales from across the land
He has a powerful enemy

Ortolf Vogt is a tired human male wizard with a curious smell. He tends to be writing a novel
He loves elven wine and has the motivation - All about me
He has a connection to a quest or mission of the PCs