An npc using a 3-line format without stats [wfrp] [npcs]

Melicent (Meli) is a clumsy halfling female charlatan with a broken nose. She tends to be moaning about life
She is a pacifist converting others to the way of Shallya and is unable to relax
She has a message for a PC

Guido Allenstag is a muscular human male investigator with a ragged ear. He tends to be exercising
He hates singing and has the motivation - Fairness
He has heard bad things about a PC

Varanina Zakabinasdottir is a cheerful dwarf female scout with a tattoo. She tends to play with a pet cat
She is looking for a new relationship and is reckless
She has a powerful enemy

Cloger (Hefty) Catkins is a young halfling male thief with a broken nose. He tends to be cleaning a weapon
He is heartbroken after a recent breakup and is obsessed with food
He is an old friend of a PC

Beatrijs Neumann is a slim human female witch hunter with pox marks. She tends to be playing a board game
She is always talking about family and has the motivation - Live simply
She has a connection to a quest or mission of the PCs

Malsolirian Spellsign is a wounded wood elf male trapper with a scar. He tends to chew on an object
He is protective of a valuable possession and has the motivation - Noble obligation
He has information about or rival or enemy of the PCs

Varriga Gollengrothasniz is a cheerful dwarf female charcoal burner with a large mole. She tends to fidget alot
She hates dancing and is protective of those they work with
She has a bet for a PC

Thorruna Balagrundasdottir is a dirty dwarf female woodcutter with a missing nail. She tends to be cleaning a weapon
She is dedicated to a life-long goal and is heartbroken after a recent breakup
She has a friend in common with a PC

Dietmund Wechslter is a scarred human male swordman with a missing nail. He tends to be playing a board game
He likes painting and is very protective of a family member
He has unfinished business with a PC

Heinman Weber is a dirty human male hawker with a tattoo. He tends to speak in a low voice to a pet
He despises dogs and is captivated by a romantic interest
He has a request of a PC