Eustasius (Tass) is a dirty halfling male clerk with snaggly teeth. He tends to spend hours meditating
He despises pets and has the motivation - Live and Let Live
He has unfinished business with a PC

Limhan Willowlimb is a stout wood elf female artist with a tattoo. She tends to speak in a high voice to friends
She despises swimming and is ponderous with others
She has an old rivalry with a PC

Gethredda Shadowstalker is an attractive high elf male tracker with a broken nose. He tends to make predictions of doom to strangers
He hates dwarfs and has the motivation - Escape punishment
He has information about a goal of a PC

Connie Schultz is a wild-eyed human female guard with a tattoo. She tends to spread rumours
She loves halflings and is an aspiring minstrel wanting to try out their newest songs
She is a former lover of one of the PCs

Moda Hurdrinellasdottir is a tired dwarf female militia with a ragged ear. She tends to shout at friends
She is angered by solving problems and has the motivation - Pay a debt
She is related to a PC (or friend of a relation)

Grimgula Gatinasniz is a large dwarf female warden with a ragged ear. She tends to be cleaning a weapon
She is skilled with a musical instrument and has the motivation - Shining Wit
She has information about a rival or enemy of a PC

Leopold Weber is a pale human male student with a large mole. He tends to be on the lookout for witches
He hates long stories and is curious about others
He is jealous of another's possessions or status

Groskin Skarrisson is a wild-eyed dwarf male axeman with a scar. He tends to rant at friends
He loves dancing and loves to speak in rhyme
He is spying for a rival or enemy of the group

Fritregar is an ugly halfling male guide with a tattoo. He tends to stare off into the distance
He loves swimming and is always talking about family
He has a friend in common with a PC

Karl Kummel is a young human male woodcutter with a missing nail. He tends to be playing a board game
He likes painting and has the motivation - Finding something lost
He enjoys decadent pleasures