Werner Beyer is an old human male spy with snaggly teeth. He tends to be writing a novel
He hates pets and has the motivation - Success
He has information about a goal of a PC

Anders Oberholtzer is an alert human male witch hunter with a nose ring. He tends to swear at a pet
He despises elven wine and has the motivation - Lust
He is jealous of another's possessions or status

Supppetal (Hefty) is a small halfling female stevedore with snaggly teeth. She tends to be exercising
She despises juggling and has the motivation - Purify self
She has unfinished business with a PC

Maximillian Frueh is an ugly human male woodcutter with a wart. He tends to stare off into the distance
He despises gunpowder and has the motivation - Finding something lost
He no true wealth but appears as if they do

Gethetil is a wild-eyed high elf male scholar with snaggly teeth. He tends to be flirting
He hates dancing and is always picking a fight
He is an old friend of a PC