Fantasy Character Idea

System-neutral idea for a fantasy adventurer or other protagonist of an rpg

tools for - fantasy adventurers

environment: ancestry:

Gorev Vinloskarga is an unscrupulous enchanter with a distinctive nose .They hate work and want to deliver a heavy collar to a volatile warlord
Family - You family life was dominated by...magical gift.
Bond - My honor is my life
Flaw- I spend money as fast as it comes to me
Ideal - Tradition. The tales and legends of my people must be remembered and passed on to others
Pet - Slasher is a strange fungi. They like to hide shiny things
Ralmevik Shin is an unfortunate seeker with sea-themed symbols .They love one particular game and love ales
Bond - I need wealth to pay off a great family debt
Trait - I frequently fall in love
Lureene Brightwood is a talented lizardfolk monk with ragged attire and with an odour of leather .They want to negotiate a delicate deal with a beautiful landowner and want to bring back "Bingo" Maekkelferce, a talented ship captain
Family - You were raised by your father. . You had to contend with being born of violence
Bond - Someone I loved died because of a mistake I made. That will never happen again
Flaw- I dislike everyone who is not like me
Ideal - People. The people around me are all that matter, not ideals
Imbixtellrhyst Donaar is a daring elf disciple with fresh scars on their neck and dressed in a radiant shirt .They want to win a race of dinosaurs and want to win a race of boats
Family - One of your grandparents performed a great deed. You are guided by their spirit
Bond - I owe my life to the priest who took me in when my parents died
Trinket - A blood stained dark metal goblet
Pet - Traitor is a pampered parrot. They are very overweight
Mathvan is an opinionated human enchanter with an elderly wolf and with a young vulture .They hate wine and hate work
Family - You were adopted by distant family. you have one older sibling and one younger sister ou had to contend with being born of violence
Bond - I have left my family driven by visions of a greater destiny