Adventuring Group Name

Names for a group of adventurers, heroes or mercenaries. Chosen by themselves or used by others. Mix of heroic, fantastical, whimsical and some uniques

tools for - fantasy adventurers

Harbek and the Eyes
Sleeping Kraken Comrades
Banner of the Dagger
Family of Wraith's Isle
Giant Slayers
Band of the Flaming Tankard
Gol's Folly
Ooze Cruise
The Royal Order of the Tavern
Earthen Kindred
Darkness Falls
The Bearers
Two Emissaries and an Anchor
Sisterhood of the Mysterious Claw
Veiled Mace Banner
The Wick Tarn Twin
Order of the Stink
Talking Door Vanquishers
Six Demons and a Squid
Twelve Arrows and a Hellhound
Venturers of the Holy Orb
Broken Hunters
Reflective Mountain Thieves
Silver Killers of the Smoky Hill
Bunch of Spell Wood