Fantasy Rumours and Plot Hooks

Bits of information of dubious quality from taverns, travelers and other sources.


There is a spectacular tournament later this year. a scheming queen is attending. The aristocrats want something done about it
There are whispering spirits guarding magical ruins at a nearby dungeon
There is a famous tournament later this year. a reviled princess is attending
A demonic cult is in a struggle with the Guild of Barbers
A temple of learning helped Gorev the baker with lore about religion. No chance of that being true
A snake cult wants someone to capture an inquisitive demon
The ghost of Myria Leagallow plagues an area under the sea but they guard something valuable
The phantom of Durgan has started haunting an area at a nearby mountain but they guard something valuable
A few weeks back is married to an unpredictable adventurer died horribly in the Sigrid's Caves. A reliable source told me
Sapply the stablemaster wants adventurers to bring down the evil overlord and is proud of being the local wrestling champion