Fantasy Rumours and Plot Hooks

Bits of information of dubious quality from taverns, travelers and other sources.


A sage helped Torgga with lore about food
The ghost of Mardnab the mystic has started haunting people at a nearby dungeon but nobody is sure why
A collapsed market on Varia Isle is an old building. a god was bound here
Several dwarves say they have seen a large winged creature at the mysterious stepping stones in the last few days
There is a fanatical group of smugglers that appears at night in Swamp of Dell. The elves swear it is true
A few months ago owes lots of money to a lucky marshal died horribly in Toll Ruins
Several travelers say they have seen lights at the enchanted inn recently
There are mysterious ghosts hunting for something at a nearby landmark. A reliable source told me
A learned mage helped Bardeid Mostana with lore about an ancient warlock
There was a magical mishap in a nearby city