Dungeon History

The events and story that have shaped your adventure location or dangerous dungeon.

The Ruinous Isle of Traitorwith was originally a hidden tower and is now a royal vault. Centuries ago part of it collapsed, a shadow portal was built here and last year druids battled a powerful faction nearby
The Accursed Fane of the One is a fiend's prison. Things changed when the Courtyard of Pain was created here. But a while ago a new faction has taken over. it is important to a nearby state
The Tower of Evendur's Village was originally a wartime prison and is now a fiend's prison. It was founded by four adventurers. Centuries ago there was a great betrayal here. it is important to a local state
The Lair of Mirrors was originally a rock mine and is now a fiend's prison. It was founded by a selfish prophet. Importantly a ballad was made about the dungeon, a brief battle was fought here and last winter the Chosen of the Howling Berserker, an adventuring group
Mehmen Jassan, a heroic bodyguard with burnt arms. They love to be active at night
Volen, an ambitious hunter with a prominent criminal brand. They want to deliver a warning to a strange zealot
Maiathah, a vulgar bard with long hair. They are on an errand for a superior
Fotiyinos, a restless artificer with rags. They have the ideal of friendship
Faral, a rude lancer with sea-themed tattoos. They are always seeking attention went missing here
The Manor of the Wonderful Lord was originally a gemstone mine and is now an arcane keep. At some point the Crypt of Peril was found here