Dungeon History

The events and story that have shaped your adventure location or dangerous dungeon.

This dungeon was built by the conquerors of an ancient city. It is a sacred pyramid and it attracts dragons. It is known as the Vale of Ice and recently spirits have started gathering
This dungeon was created by giants. It is an arcane labyrinth and it has a twin in another realm. It is known as the Warrens of the Dangerous Warlock and recently there was a magical fire
The Tower of the Arcane Fiend was originally a sacred pyramid and is now a sprawling dungeon. It was built by the rulers of an ancient empire. Centuries ago goblinoids came to plunder it
Sharprest Maze is a tangled thorny forest. It was founded by a proud emperor. Decades ago an apocalyptic storm happened here, there was a great gathering here
This dungeon was founded by seven wizards. It is a graveyard of giant skeletons and it has an entrance to an underground realm. It is known as the Fissure of the Planar Lady and recently there was an infamous ritual here