Dungeon History

The Pits of Sorcery is a lizardfolk temple. It was built by fiendish witches. Decades ago a city was built over it
The Hill of Hammer Point was originally a pocket dimension and is now a clockwork laboratory. It was founded by fiendish knights. Things changed when an ornate vault was built. Then last month a city was built over it
This dungeon was created by a dragon. It is a draconic asylum and it is protected by deadly wards. It is known as the Asylum of Secrets and recently treasure hunters made a big discovery
The Warrens of the Whispering Priest is an elemental shrine. It was created by the rulers of an ancient city. But devils took over. Then last month there was a historic gathering here. it is disguised by powerful illusions
This dungeon was built by seven warriors. It is a mega dungeon and it is important to a local city. It is known as The Lost Tower and recently there was a historic execution here