Dungeon History

The events and story that have shaped your adventure location or dangerous dungeon. [fantasy] [dungeon]

This dungeon was built by demonic warriors. It is a lizardfolk arena and it has a twin in another realm. It is known as Duskstaff Temple and recently a group of murderhobos named Great Company of the Four Harpies were very interested in it
This dungeon was built by an undead dragon. It is a gemstone mine and there is a portal to another world. It is known as the Poisonous Vaults of Dreams and recently a villain has made a lair here
This dungeon was founded by cursed cousins. It is a hedge maze and it is drenched in storm magic. It is known as the Beacon of the Planar Dead and recently Band of the Happy Goblet, a party of mercenaries were very interested in it
The Rift of the Illuminated Witch is a clockwork treasury. Importantly a prophecy was made about the dungeon, a bronze key was made here
The Haven of Dark Demons is an arena. It was built by a passionate demon. At some point there was a famous execution here, a planar portal was built here