Dungeon History

The Planar Watch of Lockhelm is a massive cavern. It was built by a reclusive captain. Importantly fiends came to plunder it. it borders a a spirit realm
The Hold of Monstrous Phantasms was originally a rock mine and is now a palace of glass. It was built by shadow creatures. Decades ago a famous battle was fought here and a few weeks ago there was a strange fire. there is a portal to another world
Spellrock Watch was originally a druidic vale and is now a refuge from disaster. It was created by three brothers. Centuries later a devil was bound here. But last month a magic cloak was made here
This dungeon was founded by an evil knight. It is an ancient beacon and it has an entrance to the Underdark. It is known as the Maelstrom of Eldritch Beasts and recently it is contested between fey and mercenaries
Icewood Caves is a wizard's laboratory. It was founded by four cousins. Centuries ago a boastful party of criminals came to plunder it. there is a portal to another plane