Dungeon History

The events and story that have shaped your adventure location or dangerous dungeon.

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This dungeon was created by the ruler of a local state. It is an arcane palace and it has a twin in another realm. It is known as the Garden of the Eldritch Twins and recently an ornate tower was created
This dungeon was founded by the rulers of a local city. It is a celestial tomb and it is protected by deadly wards. It is known as the Chambers of the Haunted Traitor and recently a local city claimed ownership
The Insidious Fortress of Frost is a wartime prison. It was built by demonic brothers. The most important event was when an ornate arena was created. But a while ago an incompetent band of misfits called Brehane and the Terrors
Sumi , a reckless bard with gleaming pink hair that stands on end. They are fluent in several languages
Dravin, an intrepid sage with a faded tattoo of a deity fighting a massive serpent. They have an elven Lyre of Climbing
Bardeid, an insensitive oracle with an expensive red totem. They want to track down some adventurers, the Sisterhood of the Empty Hand went missing here. it has a twin in another realm
The Mill of the Marble Mistress is a monster lair. Importantly a dragon took over and a couple of months ago a boastful party of adventurers
Igan Windrivver, a logical herbalist with bright accessories. They want to break a curse at a sacred mage academy
Evendur, a vulgar champion with an eye-catching brooch. They are friendly with others
Micas, a handsome priest with greasy hair. They have an opinion about everything
Paelias, a wise bard with an elderly scorpion. They have a cursed Ring of Fireballs
Atala Helder, an alarmed artisan with colorful rings. They believe others are to blame for any problems
Osah, a happy engineer with watchful eyes. They believe in the ideal of honor were very interested in it
This dungeon was founded by the elite of a nearby state. It is a solid storm cloud and there is a portal to another realm. It is known as the Celestial Court of Malchester and recently an enchanted temple was created