Dungeon History

The events and story that have shaped your adventure location or dangerous dungeon.

The Pillars of Hallowed Fury was originally a lizardfolk library and is now a warded palace. It was founded by three warlocks. Things changed when a sentient forge was built. Then last year beasts have started gathering nearby
The Pits of Driftona is a draconic tomb. It was built by eight sisters. Centuries ago a cruel champion was sacrificed here
This dungeon was where a god was born. It is a planar gate and it is important to a nearby city. It is known as the Forge of the Triad and recently an intelligent ring was crafted here by a benevolent hero
The Halls of Maresburgh is a hidden temple. The most important event was when there was a historic gathering here. And last summer an ambitious city claimed ownership
The Barrow of Mirrors was originally an ancient wonder and is now a group of standing stones. It was founded by a mad warlord. Decades ago vermin took over, a great battle was fought here and recently a successful band of explorers named Warriors of the Twenty Arrows went missing here