5e DnD Human Character Idea

Humans are the most adaptable of D&D races, seen in a bewildering variety of cultures and outlooks. [dnd5e] [adventurers] [characters]


Tzaric Forenzad is a male human Fighter

Background - Entertainer
Family - You were adopted by extended family after your parents were slain by raiders. You have many cousins scattered in many lands

Trait - I live day to day. What has happened and what might happen don't matter
Ideal - Live and Let Live. In a world of dragons and ghosts ideas aren't worth killing for
Bond - My hatred of those who destroyed my home keeps me going
Flaw - I can't resist a challenge

Trinket - a burnt hunk of iron with a lucky phrase etched in Common which your aunt gave to you
Possible Pet - Queen is a crazy giant owl. They try to eat nearly anything and are very territorial