5e D&D Character Idea - Minotaur

Idea for your next character, an NPC, members of an adventuring party or a backup character
They are associated with goring horns, honour, rage, battle and boats. From Ravnica and Theros, they can charge foes with their horns, are never unarmed and knock them backwards in melee.

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Mogevra is a female minotaur Fighter

Background - Sailor
Family - You have three siblings and many aunts and uncles. All of them are warriors and aspire to die in battle

Trait - I admire those with style or wealth
Ideal - Zeal. Nothing is more important that the righteous path I tread for my belief
Bond - Someone saved my life on the battlefield. To this day, I will never leave a friend behind
Flaw - I sometimes forget that battle is not the only option

Trinket - An old knife made from flint and ivory
Possible Pet - Tempus is a preying mantis. They are always causing some kind of trouble

Drakmir is a minotaur Druid

Background - Noble
Family - You were raised by your grandparents. . You had to contend with an enslaved family

Trait - My horns are my pride and joy
Ideal - Power. If I can gain power, who knows what great things I can make happen
Bond - I will become the greatest hero that ever lived
Flaw - I dislike everyone who is not like me

Trinket - A petrified hand clutching part of a wooden haft
Possible Pet - Max is a flying snake. They have unexplained scales or hair and won't forgive you for several days if you annoy them

Prezhlek is a male minotaur Barbarian

Background - Outlander
Family - Your parents were slain in battle when you were young. Their spirits sometimes haunt your dreams and talk of an unfinished quest you or your siblings must finish

Trait - I have a love of boats and water I find hard to explain
Ideal - Greed. If it's paying well then it's something I'm interested in
Bond - A rival defeated me and I will take my revenge on them when the time is right
Flaw - I am slow to trust members of other races, tribes, and societies

Trinket - A ceramic funerary mask with the names of five heroes
Horns - You have two pairs of horns, the smaller pair curving down beside your lower face
Possible Pet - Lady is an aggressive crawling claw. They are injured and they followed you until you adopted them

Phyrgus is a male minotaur Cleric

Background - Acolyte
Family - You were raised by your distant relations. . You had to contend with a bastard birth

Trait - My horns are my pride and joy
Ideal - Courage. Nothing can turn me away from walking the hardest of paths
Bond - Another helped me from seeking a dark, dangerous path of slaughter
Flaw - My hatred of my enemies is blind and unreasoning

Trinket - An ancient warhorn said to be possessed by an ancestor
Possible Pet - Obsidian is a poisonous snake. They are loving and dislikes being away from you

Svarakov is a minotaur Monk

Background - Hermit
Family - One of your uncles created a runic sword which. You and your siblings have grown up hearing of their deeds and seek to follow them

Trait - I like being strong and fierce
Ideal - Honesty. Plain words and hard work and are enough to live by
Bond - Those who fight beside me are those worth dying for
Flaw - I am harsh on others but harsher on myself

Trinket - An iron flask with a riddle in Minotaur
Possible Pet - Dragon is a plump pony. They attack or play with lights