Sea Quick Encounter

Coastal or sea quick encounter.

tools for - fantasy sea

terrain: type: theme:

At a tall hedge. someone has left a child's toy. There is a distraught wight who is being noisy. They have 1d3 gold bars (25 gp each)
At an area of mud flats. There is a sneaky zombie who is guarding the local area. They have 2d6 bottles of fine wine (10 gp each)
At a muddy stream. There is a group of locals who are hostile. If a fight breaks out possibly a very loud noise occurs nearby
There is a desecrated area. Lingering attracts ghosts. At a line of fruit saplings which is touched by dark magic
At a lonely hill. there is a desecrated area. Lingering attracts ghosts
At a shallow pool . There is a skeleton who is waiting for something
A distressed creature is caught in something. Makes lots of noise if others approach. At an overgrown canyon
There is a tattooed ghost who is telepathic. At a sea of mud
There is a group of vagabonds who are holding a wedding. At a stack of wood
At a lodge. a gloomy mist descends around party