Fantasy Sea Encounters



At a verdant island. a siren calls for help from a cave mouth
At a shrine to a power of air surrounded by shells. There is a group of sealions. They are investigating a floating body
At An island with a small harbor and temple to a sea god. Merfolk visit weekly to join the priests in ceremonies and rites. There is a few corsairs who are searching for a companion. In a fight maybe someone sees an omen or portent
At A large island with several ships moored there. A group of dwarves or humans is building the start of a colony here. a siren calls for help from a cave mouth
At an area of calm water. It is associated with death magic. there is a portal to another plane
At an island with area of slimy kelp. there is a dead whale. There is a dolphin who is investigating a shipwreck. They have a fat pet shark
At a pile of dead seaweed. There is an artificer who are investigating a boat. If a fight breaks out possibly someone disturbs a lizard
At a small island with a jetty. There is a cock who is investigating a floating body
At a mass of stinking, rotting seaweed. there is a desecrated area. Lingering attracts undead
At a druidic volcano. there are sea mammals carrying disease