Sea Quick Encounter

Coastal or sea quick encounter.

tools for - fantasy sea

terrain: type: theme:

At a foreboding copse. It is known to a character, who has been told a story of the place. was for a festival by a crafty dragon a decade ago.. there is an avalanche near or by the characters
At a discoloured stream fed by a spring. There is a sea serpent who are playing with a pet. In a fight they they run and hide if things go badly
At an overgrown windmill. There is a hidden sinkhole. there is a wildfire and much smoke
At a sheltered campsite. there are obvious tracks of nearby. There is a skeleton who is searching for a place. They have a sparkling Arrow of Air that has a matching pair given to another
At a slope of black flowers. There is a frightened donkey who is fleeing a nearby danger
At a slope of sedge. there is a hidden cache with a cracked lung made from steel. There is a troll and a clockwork-monster who are having romantic difficulties. They have 2d6 bottles of fine wine (10 gp each)
There is a life spirit who are foraging for sustenance. In a fight maybe someone spots a dangerous flying creature. It will circle once then fly on. At a cultivated garden
At a steps leading up a slope. nearby is the fresh corpse of a humanoid. There is a frightened tiefling who is worshipping a diety of community
At a small monument. there is a damaged handcart. there is an earthquake which causes collapses of structures in the area
An illusion disguises dangerous terrain. At a lonely library. It is at the top of a hill. It is known to a character, who has had visions of their death here.