Sea Quick Encounter

Coastal or sea quick encounter.

terrain: theme:

At a mound of rubble and a patch of damaged brambles. There is a group of warriors who are trapped by something. They have a delicate seal pelt
At a fresh spring surrounded by mud. There is a hated illusionist who is consuming food
At an ancient tomb. there are howling winds. There is a wyvern who are larger than normal (extra health). In a fight maybe a strong gust of wind blows through
At a large reed-filled pool fed by a spring. There is a spectre who is coughing
At a reed-filled pool with many frogs near a shrine to a forgotten power. there is a cursed shrine. Lingering attracts undead
At a brook flowing into a river. there is a hidden cache with a book about lizards. There is a captain and a giant who are rearming a trap. Also, they are fleeing a natural disaster or other event
At a thatched tomb by a fish-filled pool. a sudden storm is approaching
At a heap of rocks. there is a portal to another plane
At an old campsite. there is a pile of leaves. There is a devil who are searching for a person. In a fight they they focus all their attention on anyone with religious icons
At a floating bank. there is an avalanche near or by the characters