Sea Quick Encounter

Coastal or sea quick encounter.

tools for - fantasy sea

terrain: type: theme:

There is a hairless orc who is lighting a fire. Also, they are looking for a mate. At a polluted stream
At a small island surrounded by debris. There is a serene human who is smoking a pipe. They have a dark pet weasel
There is an avalanche near or by the characters. At an old campsite
A fissure opens up in the ground. At an elemental chasm. It has a window to another dimension. was where a demigod was born.
At a haunted graveyard. There is an undead who are hunting a beast. In a fight they they attack whoever is causing them the most pain
There is a restless bison who is close to death. At a stack of sand
There is a fearless elf who is cursed. They have a chalcedony (opaque white) (50 gp). At a patch of pretty sedge
There is a vampire who are chasing something. In a fight they they avoid foes with expensive looking gear. At a fish-filled pond surrounded by plants
At an unusual quarry. There is a gathering of adventurers who are eating. They have a docile pet vulture
There is a group of kobolds who are following a map. At a gloomy remnant of another civilisation. There is a few cultivated trees