Sea Quick Encounter

Coastal or sea quick encounter.

terrain: theme:

At a powerful stream. There is a skeleton who is trying to steal something. They have an excitable pet bird
At a bleak slope. harmless but noisy beasts alarmed by group, attracting unwanted attention if nothing done
At a ferry over a rocky river. There is a donkey who is bearing symbols of a local faction
At a muddy stream surrounded by bare rock. earth tremors from earthquake or other source
At a lonely mill. There is a few dwarves who are quoting from a book on a historic event. They have an azurite (opaque mottled deep blue) (10 gp)
At a tangled vegetable garden. beasts have escaped from captivity
At a scintillating hedge maze. There is a group of locals who are talking to spirits. In a fight they they attack whoever is causing them the most pain
At a fish-filled stream near an overgrown garden. There is a construct who are investigating an item - a map to an underground cave system. Possible combat event is... a strong gust of wind blows through
At a few twisted trees surrounded by plants. There is a selfless tax collector and a noisy engineer who are displaying the symbol of a power of honour
At a cabin. There is a bad-smelling spy and a funny vagabond who are having an argument. They have a draconic Figurine of Feather Falling associated with an oath renewed every midwinter