Fantasy Ship

Fantasy ship generator with future updates planned.

tools for - fantasy sea vehicles

The Salty Chaser is a long junk that has a hidden compartment.
The Alabaster Bard is an old hoy. It is crewed by chanting soldiers.
The Madfish is an old carrack. In command is a nefarious moneylender.
The Jushi's Anger is an ugly outrigger. It is crewed by mutinous elves.
The Witch of the Sky is a cursed sailboat. It has a strange catapult.
For Play is a battle-scarred coaster. In command is a pious noble.
The Cyclone is a decorated pirate ship. In command is a serious ship captain.
The Helmshold is a sleek caravel. It is followed by many fish.
Slayer's Rage is an ornate merchant ship. The captain is a sadistic mystic.
The Efreet is a reinforced sailing ship. It is crewed by brave cadets.