Fantasy Ship

First go at a fantasy ship generator. Future updates planned. [fantasy] [sea] [vehicles]

The Iron Osprey is a cursed sailing ship. The skipper is a vain druid.
The Fall Cygnet's Folly is an elven coaster. It is followed by dangerous tales.
Nomad of Turtle's Cross is a blessed yacht. The commander is a brave killer.
The Nymph of Bradbeare is a swift junk. it has an enchanted mast.
Nymph's Smile is a badly-repaired longship. In charge is an eccentric engineer.
The Scarlet Pilgrim is a brown yacht. The captain is a charming sheriff.
The Cabin Fever is an enchanted longship. In charge is a former killer.
Orca's Shadow is a large hulk. It is followed by enchanted sharks.
The Knot Working is a battered warship. it has a new pet.
The No Regrets is an ancient warship. It is followed by many bounty hunters.