Fantasy Ship

First go at a fantasy ship generator. Future updates planned.

The Silver Pilgrim's Maw is a goblin warship. it has a new hold.
Nautilus is an old caravel. It is crewed by motley cadets.
The Between the Sheets is a grand galley. It is followed by mysterious sharks.
The Swan is a strange picard. It is followed by dangerous winds.
The Castaway is a magical merchant ship that has a hidden compartment.
The Sky Albatross is a black longship. In command is a likeable witch.
The Zephyr's Pride is an old boat. It is followed by cursed sharks.
Sea Golem is a gnomish caravel. The commander is a brave buccaneer.
The Whisper is an enchanted dragonship. It is followed by ill-omened clouds.
Rascal is a decorated barge. It is followed by magical fish.