Fantasy Ship

First go at a fantasy ship generator. Future updates planned.

The Chimera is an orcish fishing boat. The commander is a scheming general.
The East Orca is a fast yacht. It is crewed by armed dwarves.
Silverstones's Storm is a large merchant ship. The commander is a clueless hero.
The Bird is a goblin yacht. It is followed by ill-omened adventurers.
The Executioner is an armoured knarr. It is followed by dangerous bounty hunters.
Lunar Sea is a new galley with vivid stripes.
Furious is an enchanted fishing boat. It is crewed by superstitious sailors.
The Northern Chimera is an old dragonship. It is crewed by motley gnomes.
Rocket is a strange carrack. It is crewed by veteran captives.
The Wind Wyvern is a battered hulk. In charge is an infamous mercenary.