Fantasy Wagon Shop

Shops, vendors and merchants of wagons and other vehicles.

Chained Chariots is a deserted wainwrights. It has 5 vehicles for sale.
Most prominent is a long coracle that is sparkling clean. There is a good selection of tack and harnesses. The prices are cheap.
Willow Crest Wagons is a stone wagon market. You see a deceptive carpenter with a colorful scorpion. It has 10 wheeled vehicles for sale.
Catching the eye are a reinforced chariot with lots of obvious repairs called Fang and a wooden slanted cart that has a dim glow. There is an odd horse and also are a number of ducks. They are having a sale.
The Wheel Market is a bustling wagon trader. It has many assorted vehicles scattered around.
standing out are a high-sided slanted wagon with a suspension and a small sled that is clean. There are three odd camels. The prices are triple normal.
Carnage Conveyances is an enclosed budget wagon yard. The owner is an attractive seller with an assortment of large weapons. It has 6 carts and wagons in various states of readiness.
Pride of place is an old handcart advertising a tavern. There is an overpowering scent of something rotten. The prices are low.
Seebo's Wagon Shop is a cheap wagon yard. It has a few carts and wagons scattered around.
For some reason standing out is a jolly canoe with a sail. There is a restive riding dog.