Fantasy Wagon Shop

Shops, vendors and merchants of wagons and other vehicles.

Romuald's Budget Carts is a walled used cart trader. It has 11 wagons on display.
standing out are a covered slanted wagon that is sparkling clean and a rickety sled that is covered in dirt. There are a number of cats. They can paint your vehicle for a small fee.
The Wagon Shop is a deserted second-hand wagon yard. On duty is a honest agent with distinctive earrings. It has several assorted vehicles in various states of readiness.
Pride of place is a sturdy seated wagon with a suspension. There are high quality good luck charms.
Community Carts is a wainwrights. It has lots of wheeled vehicles on display.
Pride of place is a large traveler's wagon with a brake. There is a stack of oars.
The Wagon Emporium is a dirty wainwrights. It has 10 assorted vehicles for sale.
At a special price is a leaky rowing boat that is clean. There are three miserable ponies.
Fairy Tale Dealership is actually an upmarket used boat trader. On duty is a fast-talking dealer with an unusual fashion sense. It has 3 watercraft scattered around.
There is a pale mule.