Fantasy Wagon Shop

Shops, vendors and merchants of wagons and other vehicles.

Weaving Wheels is a wagon yard. It has 11 carts and wagons for sale.
For some reason standing out is a jolly canoe with one side damaged. There is a large stable.
Ikeshia's Best Carts is a vehicle dealer. On duty is a greedy agent with several gold teeth. It has 3 wheeled vehicles for sale.
There are 6-wheeled seated wagon advertising a drink and a jolly war canoe with many ropes. There is a pile of wood. The prices are cheap.
The Wagon Station is a tidy cart merchant. The owner is a fun-loving trader with an intense gaze. It has 7 wheeled vehicles for sale.
Catching the eye are a heavy battlewagon with a suspension and an ugly flat cart with a brake. There are a few tired mules. They are offering a free test drive.
Chariot Gallery is a stone wainwrights. It has several vehicles on display.
There are a sturdy bandwagon with scythed wheels painted with the name 'Anton',a sturdy travel wagon with a brake and a long boat that is covered in dirt. There is a lingering smell of varnish. They are having a sale.
Wagon Gallery is a wainwrights. The owner is a wary woman with an odour of perfume. It has lots of wagons in various states of readiness.
For some reason most expensive is an ugly boat with a sail. There is an argumentative customer trying to buy something.