Fantasy Wagon Shop

Shops, vendors and merchants of wagons and other vehicles. [fantasy] [vehicles] [shop]

Ranger Rides is actually a dirty boatmaker. It has 6 assorted canoes, rafts and boats on display.
There is a wide selection of good luck charms. The prices are double normal.
Jathal's Quality Vehicles is a second-hand cart merchant. You see a happy woman with nature-themed jewelry. It has 8 assorted vehicles on display.
Prominent are a heavy battlewagon that is clean, a jolly boat that has a hidden compartment and a covered armored wagon that is covered in insects. There is a fat cow. They are having a sale.
The Cart Champions is a vehicle market. It has 9 carts and wagons in various states of readiness.
For some reason standing out is a long canoe with a crude anchor. There is another vehicle hidden behind the others. They are offering a free test drive.
Dragon Deals is a stinking second-hand vehicle trader. You see a devious dealer who smells of perfume. It has a few carts and wagons for sale.
Catching the eye are 6-wheeled flat wagon that is unusually clean and a brightly-painted coach decorated with religious murals. There is a pile of axles.
First Carts is a vehicle yard. You are greeted by an unhelpful seller with an expensive cloak. It has 6 wheeled vehicles in various states of readiness.
Most expensive is a high-sided travel wagon that has a hidden compartment. There is a large stable. The prices are lower than normal.