Fantasy Art Object

A treasure in a hoard, part of a valued collection, a family heirloom, a temple relic or a personal trinket. [fantasy] [treasure] [art]

A gilded maple trowel, it has bloodstains (40 gp)
A damaged chess piece made of bone, it has dark stains (10 gp)
A rough hair ornament made of adamantine with jade inlay (750 gp)
An enchanting electrum fork (2500 gp)
A demonic bust of a wraith made of electrum (500 gp)
A lump of glass with intricate inscriptions (90 gp)
A tattered hat made of silk (350 gp)
A figurine of an undead made of glass (50 gp)
A perfumed wig made of wool, it has bloodstains (4 gp)
A rough amber nose ring (40 gp)