D&D 5E Noncombat Encounter

Noncombat Encounters include creature groups, hazards and lone npcs. Maybe a lost lizardfolk, a forest fire or a talkative druid

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Frath Nemetsk is an agitated elf bandit captain with a fresh brand on their arms. He is always standing up for others and is searching for news of a missing friend
At a field of steep dunes (it is near to a mordenkainen's magnificent mansion)
They are bearing symbols of a power of music

They are celebrating a betrothal
At a crumbling temple of a power of strength and a grave (nearby is a brightly-painted monument)
They are playing with an item - hat

Destiny is a stooped lizardfolk veteran with pursed lips. They believe in never backing down first and are currently smoking pipeweed
At a pair of tall trees surrounded by grass (there is an inscription here in Goblin)
They are partway through a migration

Vorel is an accomplished lizardfolk tribal warrior with expensive clothes. They adore meditating in high-up places and are proud of being the local pie-eating champion
At a dusty stone arch (which has a programmed illusion involving an iridescent sage)
They are dancing

Morthos is a sinister human gladiator with outlandish clothing. They are a retired adventurer and seek to take part in a tournament
At an abandoned monument (which is protected by a flying sword)
They are are lost in the area
Possibly... they have a Robe of Useful Items

Zasheir Shemov is an astonished dwarf cultist with ears that stick out. She has a love of elaborate plans and has an ex-lover they want removed
At a reddish stream (it is near to a mordenkainen's magnificent mansion)
They are larger than normal (extra health)

Zohmul is a passionate triton tribal warrior who smells of rotting waste. She is a seeker of truth and is currently practising for a tournament
At a lonely hill (it is near to a mordenkainen's magnificent mansion)
They are relaxing

Bernie Wildheart is a haughty dwarf acolyte with an odour of coffee. They love sweet foods and have information about a quest of the group
At a patch of pretty reeds near a pool covered with lily pads (there is an inquisitive mass of flies approaching)
They are playing a trick on someone
Possibly... they have an Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location

They are celebrating a wedding
At a ferry over a river and an overgrown tunnel entrance (there is a hidden cache with a pair of Winged Boots)
They are infected with a disease
Possibly... they have 1d3 topazes, each carved with a dwarven rune (500 gp each)

They are the loyal mount of another creature and have been ordered to stay here until their rider returns.
At a narrow chasm (a few large stones are scattered around)
They are spying on something