D&D 5E Non-Combat Encounter

Non-Combat Encounters include creature groups, hazards and lone npcs. Maybe a lost lizardfolk, a forest fire or a talkative druid

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Murithi Uuthrakt is an intimidating human assassin with beast furs. They have has the ideal of Aspiration and are currently resting
At a fish-filled pool by a narrow tunnel entrance. a blanket of blood-stained snow covers the area
They are being noisy
Possibly... they have a fragment of a mosaic of a god that you found under a tree

Cumpen "Pock" Loofollue is a strange gnome assassin with gleaming pink hair that stands on end. She believes the past should be left behind and has a short side quest for the PCs
At a mill with a cairn
They are telepathic
Possibly... they have an unholy Ring of Invulnerability

"Sparklegem" Garrick is an agitated gnome scout with an exceptional beauty. They have A strong sense of honor and are currently spreading the word of a deity of art
At an edge of a narrow lake and a wooden hut. the area is covered with fresh snow
They are lighting a fire

Soveliss Mellerelel is a slender elf knight with a silver holy symbol. He is protective of a colleagues or compatriots and is currently sketching a person
At a stream meeting an icy river and a concealed cave entrance. there is a splendid tent
They are playing a game
Possibly... they have a cursed pair of Bracers of Secrets

They have a saddle but their is no sign of a rider
At a sheltered fire near a wide cave entrance. Skeletons of 1d6 wolves
They are eating